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.NET applications are deployed widely in enterprise environments. To ensure that they meet performance requirements, you can utilize .NET monitor tools and .NET profiler tools to track the performance of your .NET applications. These tools allow you to capture runtime performance metrics of your .NET applications in order to find performance hotspots and bottlenecks.

The leader in application monitoring solutions for .NET applications is Dynatrace. Dynatrace offers the most innovative and comprehensive application monitoring technologies for numerous application platforms including those for .NET and Java app monitoring. Dynatrace’s .NET monitor tools support all common .NET frameworks such as ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, and incorporate patented technology to enable you to troubleshoot .NET performance problems rapidly to minimize MTTR.

.NET application monitoring

Use Dynatrace .NET monitor tools to monitor transactions

Dynatrace’s .NET performance tools utilize patented PurePath Technology® to enable you to monitor the performance of application transactions end-to-end. PurePath traces all transaction activity from user interaction through application and middleware tiers to backend databases and other infrastructure tiers including components and services in virtual and cloud environments. Details of all transactions are captured and correlated, and you can drill down to method level to visually show method arguments and values as well as SQL statements. With Dynatrace’s .NET monitor tools and PurePath, you can expedite the discovery of root causes of performance problems and reduce MTTR by up to 90%.

.NET performance engineering

Dynatrace .NET monitor tools auto discovers and maps your applications and infrastructure

Dynatrace .NET monitoring tools automatically discover and map your .NET application and its dependencies, end-to-end. Dynatrace’s Smartscape feature provides an interactive map of your application showing relationships between CLRs and other tiers, and also how all components relate to and communicate with each other. From this map, you can see execution times in each tier, where time is spent, and where potential performance problems are. Together with Dynatrace’s .NET performance profiler features, you can troubleshoot root causes of performance issues expeditiously.

.NET purepath

Dynatrace .NET monitor tools enable you to resolve memory leaks quickly

Memory leaks during application execution impact performance negatively. Dynatrace’s memory leak detection tools enable you to analyze memory consumption by each component of your .NET application to identify potential memory leaks. Memory consumption is displayed on an intuitive dashboard for easy visualization. Memory dumps or snapshots can be performed over time to visualize consumption trends. Dynatrace .NET monitor tools and .NET profiler features enable you to proactively troubleshoot any memory and thread performance issues before they negatively impact your end users.

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