.NET application performance monitoring

Applications that run in the .NET framework benefit greatly from .NET performance monitoring. Performance issues can originate at the code level, from application architecture, garbage collection, or dependencies on infrastructure components such as databases or the network. These issues can result in sluggish applications that degrade usability or even failures in application execution that result in failed business transactions. .NET application performance monitoring solutions enable performance issues to be identified and triaged for remediation. They dive deep into application code details exposing CPU consumption for each method call and also capture higher-level details such as dependencies between CLRs.

.NET application monitoring

Innovative .NET application performance monitoring technology from Dynatrace

Dynatrace incorporates innovative best-of-breed .NET monitoring technology in its application performance monitor products. Dynatrace Application Monitoring uses patented PurePath Technology® to monitor application execution end-to-end from user clicks across application and middleware tiers to databases and other back-end tiers. PurePath Technology traces transaction execution across tiers to provide runtime visibility into .NET applications’ health and impact on user experience. Transactional tracing is continuously on 24/7 and covers dynamic execution paths that may traverse cloud and virtual environments. .NET application performance monitoring by PurePath technology allows visibility at the code-level profiling method arguments, method values, and SQL statements. Such detail within .NET APM allows the root cause of performance problems to be isolated quickly.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring also incorporates PureStack® Technology which monitors system health in the IT infrastructure. With both PurePath and PureStack Technology, Dynatrace Application Monitoring can correlate application transaction performance metrics with system health performance metrics. This allows system-level problems to be related to the user end path allowing performance issues to be discovered swiftly. With Dynatrace Application Monitoring, your organization can perform .NET application performance monitoring at both application and infrastructure tiers using one solution.

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Advantages of .NET application performance monitoring with Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers the best application management service solutions for .NET application performance in the APM market. These solutions yield many advantages for .NET application performance monitoring over other application performance management software including:

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