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Java applications that execute critical business transactions benefit considerably from monitoring tools that surveil application performance. Low performance can result in negative user experiences and lost revenue. Utilizing JVM profiling tools to monitor Java virtual machines and the applications that run in them yields application performance metrics that enable you to analyze and troubleshoot Java performance issues. Using JVM profiling tools helps you to resolve Java performance problems quickly and mitigate any negative impact on user experience.

Dynatrace provides industry-leading application monitor tools for digital performance management. Dynatrace’s multi-platform solutions support the monitoring of numerous technologies like Java and JavaScript performance monitoring, SQL and NoSQL database monitoring, virtual machine monitoring, and cloud service monitoring. Dynatrace’s full-stack end-to-end application monitoring capability provides you with performance data for every dependency in an application. Its built-in JVM profiling tools enable you to drill into JVM performance and resource usage with a few simple clicks.

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Obtain actionable insights with Dynatrace’s JVM profiling tools

JVM performance is key to Java application performance. At application runtime, JVMs interpret and execute Java bytecode which is compiled from Java source code containing business logic. A badly performing JVM impacts application performance and user experience directly. Hence, monitoring JVMs for performance is an important activity, and Dynatrace offers you the most effective JVM profiling tools in the market. Dynatrace’s JVM profiling tools instrument Java at the bytecode level and capture performance metrics for garbage collection (including suspension time), CPU and memory consumption for JVM processes, and number of execution threads. Captured data is used by Dynatrace’s artificial intelligence algorithms to provide actionable insight into root causes of JVM performance problems.

Dynatrace additionally carries out application log monitoring. Log files and repositories for JVM processes are automatically detected and monitored allowing you to efficiently analyze log messages for further insight into Java and JVM performance problems.

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Enhance your application delivery chain with Dynatrace’s JVM profiling tools

One of Dynatrace’s key features is its ability to integrate with development tools. For example, Dynatrace integrates with popular Java development tools like Eclipse. Doing so allows you to carry out performance monitoring of your Java applications as you develop and test them thereby enhancing your continuous integration and delivery processes. Concurrently, you can use Dynatrace’s JVM profiling tools to instrument the JVMs that are active in your Java programming tools environments. This provides you with detailed performance data that you can use to tune the JVMs that run applications in your test and production environments, making for a more efficient and performant application delivery chain.

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