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Troubleshooting your real-life Java applications can sometimes be a guessing game, which can prevent you from achieving optimal Java performance. Traditional Java application monitoring tools only sample the data flowing through the app, often missing certain failed transactions and preventing you from pinpointing problems with the speed your business requires.

For superior Java performance, Dynatrace offers a Java performance monitoring solution that lets you capture and correlate all profiler-like facts on any and every transaction – not just the ones that fail. By replaying everything that happens before and after an issue arises, you can find problems faster, reduce your mean time to resolution by up to 90 percent – and deliver exceptional Java performance.

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Improving Java performance with Dynatrace

Dynatrace is the world's leading provider of application performance management (APM) solutions for businesses of every size. Our clients include promising startups and some of the world's biggest brands, including more than 380 of the Fortune 500.

Our Java performance monitoring solutions are built with patented PurePath Technology®, allowing you to capture timing and code-level context for all transactions – end-to-end, from user click across all tiers to the database of record and back. This ultra-light and production-safe technology gives you exact, deep atomic level detail on Java performance, as well as granular business transaction grouping, more accurate reporting, precise SLA management and the fastest path to root cause on the market.

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Tools for monitoring Java performance

Dynatrace APM solutions provide comprehensive performance monitoring tools for tracking Java performance. With Dynatrace software, you can:

  • Monitor transactions across JVMs and all other tiers. By automatically discovering every Java transaction and auto-modeling your application, our solutions let you easily visualize what dependencies exist with other JVMs, where time is spent, and where problems exist. Improve Java performance by instantly drilling down into method level details to see method arguments, return values, SQL statements, exceptions, log messages and more.
  • Determine whether your code needs to be fixed, or if someone else needs to fix theirs. Poor Java performance can originate from anywhere, from JavaScript problems to a slow back-end. Follow and replay any transaction from a click or swipe, through third party web APIs, CDNs, and back-end services, and find the root-cause in minutes.
  • Analyze memory and threads easily. Memory Snapshots isolate all details related to a memory problem and Memory Hotspot automatically brings unusual objects to your attention so you can determine which object was not garbage collected and why.
  • Accelerate teamwork and improve Java performance with deep integration. Share application performance data across dev, test, & ops, from within Eclipse and IntelliJ. Use Jenkins, Bamboo and Jira integration to automate performance analysis throughout your delivery pipeline.

Learn more about Java performance tools from Dynatrace, and about other Dynatrace solutions for PHP performance, application performance testing, and more.

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