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All Java applications benefit from performance tuning. For mission-critical Java applications that fulfill business transactions, performance tuning is essential as it yields positive returns on the bottom line. To effectively tune Java applications for performance gains, availability, and stability, comprehensive Java performance tuning tools need to be employed.

Java performance tuning tools perform end-to-end monitoring of applications to gather and profile performance metrics for Java performance analysis. They monitor the full scope of Java application performance from user interface to application code, to JVM performance, and to middleware and infrastructure tiers including packaged applications and underlying operating systems (for example, Linux performance monitoring). The result of using these Java performance tuning tools is improved Java application performance and user satisfaction, higher productivity from DevOps teams, and higher application ROI.

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Improve Java performance using Java performance tuning tools from Dynatrace

Dynatrace is the leader in the APM market for application performance monitoring and tuning tools. Dynatrace’s Java and .NET performance monitoring and tuning tools provide comprehensive coverage for Java and .NET applications as well as the services and infrastructure they use.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring is one of the most comprehensive Java performance tuning tools available. It uses Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® to monitor and profile Java application transactions end-to-end from user interactions through application execution to middleware and infrastructure tiers. Transaction monitoring is continuous whether transactions are successful or not. The system supports easy drill-down to method level information such as method execution time, method arguments, and return values. With such fine-grained metrics, Java applications can be modified and tuned for optimal performance.

Java performance tuning tools from Dynatrace also include Dynatrace Data Center RUM which is designed for monitoring and tuning of enterprise application and infrastructure tiers in the data center. Dynatrace Data Center RUM provides real-time monitoring and analysis of all Java applications and all tiers in the data center including network elements, middleware platforms and services, and databases including load balancers, Web servers, SOAP, IBM MQ, SQL, LDAP, and SMB/CIFS. With network monitoring, Dynatrace Data Center RUM enables analysis and tuning of application performance from the network perspective by visualizing how network performance impacts Java applications and by correlating network issues back to individual user experience.

Tune memory and threads using Java performance tuning tools from Dynatrace

Application performance management software from Dynatrace enables and expedites memory and thread analysis for Java applications. Dynatrace’s Java performance tuning tools provide memory snapshots to isolate adverse memory conditions such as memory leaks that can be traced to inefficient code or application design. Dynatrace Java performance tuning tools tracks the number of active objects and references as well as the number of objects not garbage collected. This data can be used for tuning runtime JVM settings such as the heap size so that out-of-memory conditions do not occur when applications run. Additional monitoring like Linux server monitoring can be performed at the system level to allow the monitoring of system resources used by Java applications (for example, the amount of CPU time and memory used by JVMs to run an application under load). Thread dumps can also be performed by Dynatrace Java performance tuning tools to allow deadlocked threads, idle or busy thread pools, and thread leaks to be found. Corrective action can then be taken to tune thread management of each Java application for efficiency and performance.

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