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Today’s business critical Java applications typically employ distributed architectures. To assess the performance of modern Java applications, Java performance testing tools need to monitor and measure application performance across multiple tiers, components, and services. The best Java application monitoring solutions allow you to detect performance issues anywhere across your distributed Java applications and their dependencies.

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Dynatrace Java performance testing tools monitor multiple tiers

To monitor your Java application performance across multiple tiers, components, and services effectively, turn to the market-leading APM solution provider: Dynatrace. Dynatrace Java monitor tools deliver end-to-end insight into your Java applications, with no gaps or blind spots. Using Dynatrace’s Java performance testing tools, you can easily capture data such as JVM metrics, garbage collection metrics, busy and idle threads, response times of individual Java methods, CPU and memory usage, and more. Additionally, Dynatrace Java performance tools provide visibility into underlying infrastructure and network performance. Dynatrace technology captures data on network traffic in the application and infrastructure tiers, as well as TCP request and retransmissions. Even metrics on individual SQL statements and method calls are captured and displayed on Dynatrace’s application monitoring dashboard.

Dynatrace Java performance testing tools incorporate our patented PurePath Technology®. PurePath traces every transaction end-to-end and across all tiers capturing timing and code-level context. Gathering more metrics than other Java profiling tools, PurePath dives deep into each Java method and database query to depict their impact on user experience. It also allows you to drill down into services and components invoked by each user interaction providing you visibility into response times and performance hotspots.

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Use Dynatrace’s Java performance testing tools with Dynatrace load testing

Dynatrace offers a comprehensive suite of tools for performance testing. This includes load testing tools that simulate request loads for your Java applications to test their performance. Dynatrace Load is an on-demand, cloud-based load generation service that you can use together with Dynatrace’s Java performance testing tools. It incorporates a global network of virtual users from the BlazeMeter cloud that can produce instant on-demand load for up to one million concurrent users accessing your Java applications from desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Dynatrace Load also allows you to model visitor behavior by simulating unique users reacting dynamically to conditions in each load test. By using Dynatrace Load in combination with Dynatrace Java performance testing tools, you can find the performance limits of your Java applications. For example, you can use Dynatrace Load with Dynatrace Java memory leak detection tools to find out which of your JVMs produce a memory leak condition as you ramp up user load.

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