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Java and the J2EE platform are ideal for modeling business processes. As a result, many business-critical applications are written in Java. These applications are highly distributed in architecture due to the disparate elements and data sources that these applications need to integrate together. The performance of these Java applications is dependent on these elements, data sources, and their integration logic. To ensure that each Java application fulfills user experience and service level requirements, a Java performance test series must be carried out before deployment to production. For each test, variable user loads can be generated from a load testing website service like Dynatrace Load to simulate real-world users from the cloud. Comprehensive Java performance test and monitoring solutions like Dynatrace Application Monitoring and Dynatrace Data Center RUM are then used to monitor the performance of application transactions to find performance hotspots.

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Gain valuable insight from Dynatrace during a Java performance test

You can use Dynatrace’s APM solutions to monitor and analyze Java application performance easily. Dynatrace offers industry-leading APM solutions and tools that give your applications a competitive edge. In addition to its advanced Java performance test capabilities, Dynatrace can also monitor newer technologies like Node.js and Docker performance. You can also use Dynatrace to monitor application and infrastructure tiers in the data center including Citrix and SQL monitoring.

Dynatrace Application Monitoring provides you with end-to-end insight into Java application transaction performance when you conduct a Java performance test. It incorporates Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® to help you to drill down to see code-level details including method calls, arguments, and return values. You can also use it as a SQL monitor to capture SQL statements and database query times. With these granular details, you can perform root-cause analysis easily when performance problems are encountered.

During a Java performance test, you can use Dynatrace Data Center RUM to obtain insight into application and infrastructure tiers in the data center including insight into Web servers (for example, insight into NGINX performance), JVMs and other application runtimes, third party packaged applications, and database servers. Additionally, you can use Dynatrace to monitor network elements and network activity within each application transaction. With captured network performance metrics, you can correlate the contribution of network performance to application performance and user experience during a transaction.

Use Dynatrace Load for a Java performance test that simulates real-world demands

During the testing phase of the application development lifecycle and before deploying an application to production, it’s common to conduct a Java performance test for each Java application using load testing tools for Web applications such as Dynatrace Load. You can use Dynatrace Load to obtain a performance baseline and then vary the user load to monitor an application’s behavior to examine whether any performance problems surface.

Dynatrace Load is a highly scalable load generation service that leverages the BlazeMeter cloud to generate virtual user load for up to one million virtual users from different geographies around the world. During each Java performance test, you use Dynatrace Load to simulate real-world user scenarios for your Java application and examine performance metrics from Dynatrace Application Monitoring to identify performance hotspots. When you conduct a Java performance test before deploying your application into production, you can remedy any performance issues before real users experience them. What’s more, you can easily integrate Dynatrace Load into your build automation processes to perform an automated Java performance test for each build.

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