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As the design of Java applications become more complex in order to fulfill growing business needs, performance problems become increasingly difficult to troubleshoot and fix. Tools for Java performance monitoring must be able to support the distributed architecture of modern Java applications. They must be able to provide coverage for both application and system components used by Java applications in order to obtain performance data for Java transactions. Some Java application performance monitoring tools are also Java performance tuning tools enabling performance hotspots to be detected and smoothed quickly.

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Java performance monitoring improves application performance

A good Java monitor can detect performance issues early and highlight them for triage during testing or early in the production phase of a Java application. Java application performance improves when a Java monitoring tool can provide full end-to-end coverage for each Java transaction including monitoring execution across tiers from users’ browsers through application servers and middleware to databases and other backend services. Many Java performance monitoring solutions simply sample data that goes through an application. Java APM solutions from Dynatrace monitor Java transactions continuously 24/7 capturing performance data for all components in all tiers of the application delivery chain. Dynatrace Java performance monitoring solutions can reduce MTTR of performance issues in Java applications by up to 90% ensuring vast performance improvements and maximum ROI for any application.

Dynatrace Java performance monitoring improves memory usage

Memory issues can often impact Java application performance. Badly written code or application design can cause memory leaks and Java applications to freeze or fail under load. Java performance monitoring solutions from Dynatrace keep track of memory usage for each JVM and highlight unusual behavior. Dynatrace application performance monitor solutions also detail which objects have not been garbage collected and why. Dynatrace solutions can also perform thread dumps to isolate deadlocks and idle or busy thread pools.

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Best-of-Breed Java performance monitoring solutions from Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers best-of-breed Java application performance monitoring tools. Dynatrace Monitoring uses patented PurePath Technology® to trace transaction execution end-to-end across tiers to provide runtime visibility into a Java application’s health. It auto-discovers and maps all transaction execution paths, and drills down into any transaction to obtain code-level details.

To correlate Java enterprise application performance with network performance in the data center, use Dynatrace Data Center RUM. Dynatrace Data Center RUM automatically detects infrastructure components in the data center including network elements, servers, and databases. It has packet-level visibility thus enabling network activity to be correlated with transactional and user context, and it also provides visibility across user groups and geographic regions.

With Dynatrace Java performance monitoring solutions, your team will find performance problems early before users notice them.

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