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Java applications are used for many business transactions today. Business requirements inherently require Java applications to interface with other heterogeneous systems and components. Managing the performance of these Java applications is challenging as dependencies exist with these other systems and components. To be effective, Java performance monitoring tools and Java performance tuning tools must take into consideration the distributed nature of modern application transactions. If this is not done, these tools capture only a portion of the picture and performance issues may missed until they are experienced by frustrated users.

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Powerful Java performance monitoring tools from Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers powerful industry-leading Java APM tools that perform end-to-end performance monitoring and analysis. Dynatrace tools monitor Java applications across multiple tiers and distributed systems and components. They capture full details of application transactions while also providing infrastructure stack visibility including Linux performance monitoring .

Java performance monitoring tools from Dynatrace include:

  • Dynatrace — This is a monitoring solution for Java and .NET application performance monitoring. It incorporates Dynatrace's patented PurePath Technology® to monitor Java applications end-to-end from user interactions through application code execution to middleware and infrastructure services. PurePath enables monitoring down to code level capturing CPU execution time for each method, arguments, return values, SQL statements, and exceptions. Unlike many other Java performance monitoring tools in the market which take intermittent snapshots of performance metrics, Dynatrace monitors and records continuously. Transactions can be replayed and performance can be analyzed to discover activities or events that caused performance issues.
  • Dynatrace Data Center RUM — This is a solution to monitor infrastructure components used by Java enterprise applications in the data center including network components and packaged applications. For example, it can perform SAP and Citrix monitoring if Java application transactions span across those environments. Dynatrace Data Center RUM captures data center network usage of Java applications. Consequently, it correlates application performance with network performance to illustrate the contribution of network performance to application performance and availability.
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Gain competitive advantage using Dynatrace Java performance monitoring tools

Using Dynatrace Java application performance monitor tools allow you to gain competitive advantage by:

  • Decreasing MTTR -- Dynatrace Java performance monitoring tools enable root-cause analysis to be carried out quickly by drilling down to code level details to determine if and what application code is causing performance issues. Dynatrace tools also monitor database queries, and memory and thread usage to ascertain if database or JVM configuration settings are at fault. With Dynatrace Java application performance monitoring tools, MTTR can be reduced by up to 90% resulting in industry-leading Java application performance and availability.
  • Accelerating teamwork -- Dynatrace Java performance monitoring tools integrate with popular Java IDEs, continuous integration tools, and bug tracking software like Eclipse, Jenkins, and JIRA. IDE integration allows performance data to be shared among development, testing, and operations teams. Integration with continuous integration and bug tracking tools automates performance analysis through the entire application delivery chain. This close integration of Dynatrace Java performance monitoring tools with other Java tools increases DevOps productivity and accelerates teamwork.

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