Java performance analysis

Java applications that perform mission-critical tasks must meet targeted performance criteria. Failure to meet the criteria results in lost users and revenue. In order to ensure Java applications perform adequately, comprehensive Java performance analysis must be carried out continuously. To do so, a robust Java monitoring tool must be employed to gather performance data at baseline and peak loads. To generate defined loads, a load testing tool can be used. Captured performance data at baseline and peak loads can be compared against each other to identify and analyze anomalies that are not evident at sub-peak loads. This exercise can be done before a Java application goes into production to reduce performance issues when the application is live.

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Java performance analysis solutions from Dynatrace

As a market-leading APM vendor, Dynatrace offers the Java APM solution for monitoring and analyzing Java application performance. Dynatrace’s solution provides comprehensive monitoring and analysis through the entire application delivery chain. Dynatrace’s Java performance analysis and monitoring solutions enables you to:

java performance analysis

Benefits of using Dynatrace for Java performance analysis

With Dynatrace’s powerful and comprehensive Java performance analysis solutions your organization can:

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