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Java is a popular programming language for enterprise application developers. As such, a large number of enterprise applications run on the Java platform with which they execute and fulfill many critical business transactions. Not unexpectedly, Java performance is a key concern of many organizations. To obtain insight into the performance of Java applications, organizations can leverage Java monitoring tools that perform Java application monitoring. These tools enable developers and IT personnel to leverage the full potential of the Java platform and ensure that business goals for the applications are met.

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Performance issues captured with Java monitoring tools

Tools for monitoring Java applications are typically found within the broader category of APM tools. Java monitoring tools provide metrics that allow Java performance issues to be detected. These issues include the following:

  • Memory leaks often become evident when a Java application is run over time. Although Java programming best practices outline efficient programming techniques and object-oriented design, memory leaks can still occur due to Java's native support of unbounded growth in its Collection class. Additionally, even though most JVM implementations are excellent memory managers, they are not perfect. A memory leak can eventually cause a JVM to run out of memory and stall which stops the applications running in it to stop. Java monitoring tools can help detect memory leaks at runtime. A Java monitoring tool can provide real-time memory usage information and application response time at a granular level to aid in determining the root cause of the leak.
  • Execution deadlocks occur when two threads of execution try to acquire shared resources that are locked by each other. Java supports synchronized locking of resources such as objects. While a resource is locked by a thread, other threads cannot access the resource until the lock is released. Hence, if a thread tries to access a resource that is locked by another thread which in turn is trying to access a resource locked by the first thread, both threads are in deadlocked and cannot continue execution. Java monitoring tools can help to detect the symptoms of execution deadlock which include low CPU utilization and a JVM that has used all or most of its threads.
  • Inefficient database access can result from excessive database querying and misconfigured database connection pooling. The number of database queries made by a Java application is dependent on business requirements, and application and database design. To reduce actual queries made to the database back-end, persistence and caching mechanisms can be employed. Database connections which have expensive overheads can be pooled and reused but must be configured optimally. Java monitoring tools can be used to obtain metrics on database access response times at the method level that can indicate possible database access bottlenecks in application tier. Web application monitoring tools can be used to load test and analyze the performance a Java application to find the optimal setting for its database connection pool.

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Java monitoring tools from Dynatrace reduce MTTR for Java applications by up to 90%. Using patented PurePath Technology®, application monitoring software from Dynatrace monitors all transactions made by Java applications tracing each transaction end-to-end, across JVMs and databases, and presenting them visually across all tiers. Method-level details such as arguments, return values, exceptions, and SQL statements can be easily drilled-down and viewed. Each transaction is recorded and can be replayed to show problem spots. Additionally, memory snapshots provide details on memory usage by JVMs, classes, objects, and references, and thread dumps allow you to easily find deadlocked execution threads and determine thread pool status. With Java monitoring tools from Dynatrace, root-cause of performance problems in Java applications can be found quickly to reduce MTTR substantially.

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