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Many open source and proprietary Java and .NET monitoring tools are available in the market today that are built for tuning the performance of Java and .NET applications. While an open source Java monitoring tool entails contributions from the community, proprietary tools come with vendor support and incorporate patented technology. However, many application performance management vendors offer monitoring solutions and tools that provide only limited coverage, and these do not monitor the entire delivery chain of Java applications. Dynatrace, a premier APM solution provider, offers comprehensive Java monitoring tool solutions that capture performance through the entire application delivery chain allowing comprehensive performance analysis and troubleshooting to be carried out.

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Comprehensive monitoring using Java monitoring tool solutions from Dynatrace

Dynatrace includes Java monitoring in its market-leading APM solution. It allows detailed monitoring of the execution flow of Java applications with varying foci.

Dynatrace is a Java APM tool that focuses on end-to-end monitoring of application transactions. It drills down to code-level details such as CPU time taken by each method call, method arguments and return values, and SQL calls and statements. It has the ability to automatically model Java applications and discover distributed transactions thereby facilitating zero configuration and requiring minimal set up. Similar to high-end Java performance tuning tools, Dynatrace offers profiler-like features displaying Java application performance metrics including memory and thread usage on dashboards.

In addition to application monitoring, Dynatrace makes available monitoring Java enterprise application and infrastructure tiers in the data center. Therefore, Dynatrace is the complete solution for Java performance monitoring.

Increase productivity using a Java monitoring tool from Dynatrace

Dynatrace's Java application performance monitoring tools are ideal for increasing Java application performance and productivity. They equip development, testing, and operations teams with powerful capabilities to find and mitigate performance hotspots. Integration with other Java tools such as Eclipse, Jenkins, and Bamboo allow performance data to be shared easily between teams resulting in increased productivity. This integration also automates performance analysis throughout the application delivery pipeline. With the Dynatrace Java monitoring tool suite, stable and scalable Java applications can be delivered to production rapidly and monitored 24/7 to ensure ongoing high performance.

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