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The success of mission-critical Java applications delivered over web, mobile, and other channels is highly dependent on the performance of these applications. For Java applications to be successfully adopted, their performance must be measured under anticipated load and usage scenarios. This can be done using Java monitor solutions. These solutions can make up or be part of an overall Java APM strategy to ensure the performance of Java applications is managed comprehensively.

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application monitoring dashboard

Features of an effective Java monitor solution

Numerous Java performance monitoring tools are available in the market and some are more effective, powerful, and comprehensive than others. The more successful Java monitor tools have certain notable features that less effective counterparts may lack. Some of these features are:

Detect and resolve performance issues with Dynatrace Java monitor solutions

Dynatrace is a premier provider of APM solutions with robust tools for measuring Java application performance through user, application, and infrastructure tiers. Dynatrace Java monitoring uses Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® to trace transaction performance end-to-end from user interactions through application execution to infrastructure usage. PurePath captures and correlates profiler-like data and displays them in easy-to-understand dashboards. All transactions, successful and failed ones, can be replayed to review where performance issues manifested. Memory and thread usage is also presented in the dashboards to allow memory and thread issues to be identified easily.

For infrastructure monitoring, Dynatrace Data Center RUM monitors the application delivery chain in the data center capturing performance metrics from network components, middleware, databases, and packaged applications. It correlates application and network performance for analysis. With Dynatrace Java monitor solutions, Java application performance issues are resolved quickly resulting in low MTTR and maximum application uptime.

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