Java memory leak detection tools

Correct memory usage by your Java application is essential for application performance. To detect any memory leaks in your Java application, you can use Java memory leak detection tools. These tools help you to monitor and analyze memory usage during application execution. Java memory leak tools can detect memory leaks before they cause noticeable degradation in application performance. Using them with Java profiling tools when developing and testing your Java application can prevent performance issues from manifesting when your application is deployed to production.

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Dynatrace Java memory leak detection tools provide memory dumps for analysis

Dynatrace, the leader in digital performance management solutions, provides Java performance testing tools with memory leak detection capabilities. Dynatrace enables you to view, at runtime, the memory occupied by all objects in an application. Its Java memory leak detection tools allow you to perform trending memory dumps over time. These memory dumps can illustrate any continuous increase in the number of instances of each class and corresponding memory consumed over a time period, which may be a symptom of a memory leak. The instances may not be garbage collected or programmatically released from memory. Over time, the size of available free memory decreases, and your Java application can slow down or even freeze. Dynatrace’s Java memory leak detection tools present trending dumps visually so that you can easily recognize any continuously upward trend in memory consumption.

Another type of memory dump that Dynatrace’s memory leak detection tools provide is the deep memory leak analysis dump. This dump is a memory snapshot of full Java heap data including classes, objects, and references. By generating this memory dump using Dynatrace’s Java memory leak detection tools, you can easily search for the largest objects and their keep-alive paths. You can cross reference these objects with the data from the trending memory dumps to find possible memory leak sources.

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Dynatrace Java memory leak detection tools and monitor tools optimize application performance

Dynatrace provides the best APM tools in the market. Its Java monitor tools offer innovative and comprehensive features to help you to obtain performance data from your Java applications. Dynatrace’s patented technology allows you to monitor application transactions end-to-end, across all tiers of the application stack. Java performance tools allow you to deep dive into method level and database statement level metrics to discover performance hotspots, and together with Java memory leak detection tools, you can troubleshoot performance issues quickly. Once discovered, problems can be analyzed and resolved to optimize your application performance.

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