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Performance is a critical factor in contributing to the success of any Java application. Performance considerations must be factored into the entire lifecycle of any Java application from application design, code implementation, testing, production deployment, and post-deployment. To instrument the performance of a Java application through its lifecycle, Java application performance monitoring tools, Java performance tuning tools, and a load testing tool can be employed. These tools can be used in combination with each other to provide a comprehensive solution for ensuring that Java applications meet their performance goals. Additionally, these tools can enhance productivity and teamwork among the various groups involved in developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining the applications.

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Boost productivity using Java application performance monitoring tools from Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers industry-leading Java performance monitoring tools that help improve the performance of Java applications and the productivity of team members tasked with developing and delivering those applications. Dynatrace Java APM tools boost productivity in the following ways:

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Enhance teamwork using Java application performance monitoring tools from Dynatrace

Dynatrace Java monitoring tools integrate with popular tools used for developing and deploying Java applications. With Dynatrace, captured performance data can be shared with development, testing, and operations teams directly through Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEs. Performance analysis throughout a Java application’s development lifecycle can be automated through Dynatrace’s integration with continuous integration technologies like Jenkins and Bamboo, and issue tracking and project management tools such as JIRA. Deep integration of Dynatrace Java application performance monitoring tools with these third-party tools enhances communication and teamwork resulting in accelerated development, testing, and deployment cycles.

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