Java application monitoring

Java monitoring metrics at a glance.

Java is a widely adopted technology for developing and running business-critical applications. These applications have high performance and availability requirements due to the nature of the business transactions they fulfill. Consequently, any issues with performance and availability of Java applications negatively impact an organization's bottom-line such as reduced revenue from online sales. In order to ensure that Java applications meet performance requirements, Java application monitoring must be employed to consistently measure performance metrics so that any reduction in performance can be detected and remedied.

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Goals of Java application monitoring

Monitoring of Java performance can be done using Java monitoring tools that are available with APM solutions. These tools enable organizations to measure the performance of Java applications throughout the development, testing, and production cycles. The main goals of Java application monitoring are:

  • Manage application and system health. A Java monitoring tool can provide granular performance details of each business transaction, such as the execution time of each method or SQL query. Any anomalies in performance can be detected and highlighted in real-time and solutions can be applied before the application or system health is adversely affected.
  • Tune performance. During development and web app testing or even in production, Java application monitoring can be used to provide performance data for tuning of Java code, application architecture, and deployment configuration. An application monitoring tool that performs Java application monitoring can drill-down to method, object, and class resolution to find performance hotspots when test or live user loads are applied. Root-causes of hotspots can be determined using collected performance metrics.
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Dynatrace Java application monitoring boosts application performance and your bottom line

Dynatrace technology and products allow organizations to maximize ROI on their Java applications by ensuring that applications perform optimally. With its patented PurePath Technology®, Dynatrace monitors all transactions made by Java applications tracing each transaction end-to-end, across JVMs and databases, and presenting them visually across all tiers. Execution times of methods and SQL statements, response times of database calls and web servers, and thread dumps all captured by Dynatrace provide the information necessary to find the root-cause of performance problems.

In addition to Java application monitoring, Dynatrace also monitors PHP and .NET performance. With Dynatrace, comprehensive monitoring of popular web application technologies, databases, and enterprise systems as well as third-party web APIs and CDNs is achievable so as to maximize ROI on these technologies and services.

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