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Many mission-critical Java applications are distributed by design and transact through multiple tiers of servers and systems. These characteristics create challenges in Java performance monitoring and Java performance analysis. To work effectively, Java application monitoring tools must be able to provide coverage for all components in, user interactions with, and dependencies of the application. They must be able to capture and provide performance metrics at the application-level as well as the sub-component level. Industry-leading Java APM solutions from Dynatrace provide the comprehensive coverage required to effectively monitor and optimize Java application performance.

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Use Dynatrace Java application monitoring tools to optimize Java performance

Dynatrace provides comprehensive solutions for monitoring and managing the performance of Java applications. Its solutions include Java application monitoring tools that gather and collate performance data for development, test, and operations teams to speedily troubleshoot performance issues discovered during testing and production.

For end-to-end Java app performance monitoring and management, Dynatrace offers application monitoring which uses a combination of patented PurePath Technology® and PureStack® Technology. With PurePath Technology, Dynatrace captures end-to-end code-level context and execution timings for all transactions from user clicks through all application and database tiers with support for cloud and virtual environments. With PureStack Technology, Dynatrace observes system health in the IT infrastructure. Using both technologies, Dynatrace application monitoring correlates application transaction performance metrics with system health performance metrics. This allows infrastructure problems to be related to the user end path and allows root causes of general performance problems to be quickly discovered and drilled down to.

For performance management of Java-based enterprise applications in the data center, Dynatrace provides Dynatrace Data Center RUM as part of its comprehensive set of Java application monitoring tools. This is a solution for managing the performance of applications in the data center and does not require deployment and maintenance of any software agents. It monitors network usage through the application delivery chain and correlates user experience measurements to the network and infrastructure tiers for analysis.

With these Java application monitoring tools from Dynatrace, you can ensure that your Java applications perform optimally to achieve maximum ROI.

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Perform transaction monitoring using Java application monitoring tools from Dynatrace

Java performance monitoring tools from Dynatrace provide comprehensive support for Java application transactions. Dynatrace automatically models Java applications and discovers Java transactions. Dynatrace’s Java application monitoring tools present information visually to show dependencies between JVMs (Java virtual machine) in the application tier and databases in the infrastructure tier as well as how much time is spent in each JVM and database for each transaction. Dynatrace Java application monitoring tools also allow replay of transactions from user interaction through third-party APIs, CDNs, and back-end services. Together with information on method-level details such as method arguments, return values, SQL statements, exceptions, and log information, root-causes of performance problems can be isolated and fixed quickly.

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