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Java app monitoring is a crucial activity that must be performed by organizations developing and running Java applications to transact their business. Without effective Java application monitoring, application performance and availability can be compromised leading to negative user experiences and lost business.

The best solution for monitoring Java applications is from Dynatrace, the leading provider of application performance monitoring solutions. Dynatrace’s innovative Java app monitoring and diagnostic technology enables you to mitigate performance issues before they impact end-users and your bottom line. With Dynatrace Java performance tools, you can ensure that your Java applications meet and maintain the performance requirements of your applications.

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Perform comprehensive Java app monitoring using Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s solution incorporates tools for comprehensive Java application monitoring. These tools include Java profiling tools and Java memory leak tools that permit you to deep dive into Java code execution performance such as processing time for each Java method and memory consumed by individual object instances. Performance data obtained by Dynatrace Java app monitoring at this granular level provides insights into the root cause of each performance issue and enables you to implement targeted fixes quickly.

Dynatrace’s Java monitor tools enable monitoring across your entire Java application stack. Dynatrace’s patented PurePath Technology® captures every transaction with code-level context across all application tiers from user click or swipe to Java application server to middleware dependencies to databases to third-party services. No blind spots or gaps are left uncovered when you use Dynatrace for Java app monitoring. Additionally, with Dynatrace’s backtrace capability, you can easily understand how your Java application’s methods and database statements affect user experience, thus, enabling you to detect and correct any performance issues before your users encounter them.

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Dynatrace Java app monitoring automatically discovers and maps applications

Dynatrace’s innovative Smartscape technology automatically discovers and visually maps your Java applications and their dependencies. Smartscape provides you with an interactive map of your complete Java application stack. It visually depicts your entire stack end-to-end, from website or mobile app through to middleware, infrastructure and cloud services.

Using Smartscape for Java app monitoring allows you to clearly see how all components of your Java applications connect and communicate with each other. You do not need to manually configure Dynatrace for each unique Java application in order to instrument it using Java performance testing tools. Many of today’s Java applications are designed to leverage cloud services. Smartscape is designed for the cloud and is an ideal tool for visualizing microservice environments where instances are created and deployed rapidly.

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