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Java applications benefit greatly from using Java application performance monitoring tools. Java application performance issues typically originate at the code level and from application architecture at runtime. For example, inefficient use of database connections or utilization of the Java garbage collector often unnecessarily consume database and memory resources resulting in laggy applications or even failed transactions. Proficient Java APM tools allow these issues to be detected easily. They dive deep into application code details exposing CPU consumption for each method call as well as capture higher-level details such as dependencies between JVMs that are needed within the scope of a transaction.

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Leading edge Java APM tools from Dynatrace

As a market leader in APM solutions, Dynatrace offers industry-leading Java application monitoring tools for managing the performance of Java applications. Two solutions from Dynatrace that work with Java applications are:

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Benefits of Java APM technology from Dynatrace

Using Java performance monitoring technology from Dynatrace results in numerous performance improvements for your Java applications such as:

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