Expand Dynatrace by integrating the xMatters notification solution

Easily receive Dynatrace notifications via xMatters and get alerted anytime

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xMatters notifications as part of your Dynatrace environment

xMatters offers integrations for Dynatrace and AppMon that automatically push Dynatrace problem notifications to your xMatters environment.

Receive immediate Dynatrace problem notifications through xMatters and route critical information to the right people instantly.

xMatters also lets you automate on-call schedules and major incident processes to effectively collaborate across teams to stop downtime fast.

Proactively manage APM with xMatters and Dynatrace

With the Dynatrace xMatters integration DevOps are able to:

Automatic root cause analysis is a unique Dynatrace capability that’s changing the lives of operations teams.

Chain together Dynatrace, xMatters & Jira

Take a look at further information about how Atlassian connects JIRA with xMatters and Dynatrace

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“Dynatrace’s ease of deployment and it’s auto-detection capabilities reducing the installation effort to almost zero really impressed us. You are getting meaningful alerts right away.”

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Tackle problems before they impact the experience of your users

Dynatrace is able to identify performance issues even before your customers are affected. Problems are prioritized based on their impact. This way you always know how severe an issue is. So you can weigh how urgent the problem needs to be fixed and how much impact it actually has on your user’s experience.

Dynatrace Tags via JQL.

What is xMatters?

As events unfold during a service outage or deployment, the hand-off from tool to tool and ill-defined communication processes cause issues to linger and increase in impact. xMatters delivers Integration-Driven Collaboration to relay data between systems while engaging the right people to proactively resolve issues. Automatically ensure that the appropriate individuals and groups for any situation are identified, notified, and taking action. To close the loop, xMatters manages and drives forward the underlying workflow from originating systems. xMatters automates and brings structure to collaboration so that enterprises can proactively prevent outages, resolve incidents, and keep the right people informed.

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