xMatters integration

Driving 90% Alert Consolidation & 90% Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR)

xMatters & Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s unique AI-powered full stack monitoring, along with xMatters winning collaboration platform, supercharge the response and resolution of incidents and crises. The advantages are robust!


xMatters delivers 90% faster-time-to-respond to exact team resources


Dynatrace creates 90% fewer alerts along with high quality, AI-powered contextual data

Together, Dynatrace and xMatters

  • Speed triage by up to 50%
  • Reduce monitoring and monitoring-related tools up to 80%
  • Drops alert noise up to 90%
  • Significantly lowers license costs
  • Frees up resources to do other cool things to drive great performance
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How easy is it? Pretty easy.

Dynatrace provides a seamless, out-of-the-box, closed-loop integration with xMatters. This augments the speed and simplification of intelligently reducing and managing alerts around Dynatrace detected issues and streamlines important contextual information into collaborative channels such as JIRA and ServiceNow.

  1. Dynatrace actively pushes problem alerts, along with all related data, into xMatters
  2. xMatters immediately engages the right people depending on the type of problem, severity and impact – in the teams preferred device
  3. With one click, Dynatrace deep dives into the root cause and all related problem details with follow-up action included
  4. The right people collaborate on problems with ease, reduce their MTTR, and operations returns to green.

Dynatrace empowers xMatters with unique capabilities

  • Dynatrace’s AI-detected fast root cause analysis greatly reduces triage time
  • Dynatrace’s AI-correlation of events are put into a simple, single problem (vs. multiple alerts) with actionable info.
  • Dynatrace patented technologies (indepth PurePath (code level) and Smartscape (all dependencies), along with software intelligence, drive fast incident resolution

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The AI paves the way for autonomous operations, enabling us to create auto-remediation workflows that remove the need for human intervention.
David Shepherd Service Delivery Manager, Global IT Service Excellence Experian

What makes it "supercharged"?

  • Dynatrace’s full-stack performance monitoring automatically discovers and monitors every layer of the application environment – every component, every dependency, across every tier. And it automatically traces 100% of all transactions through the stack – front to back – 24 x 7 (with full insight into dynamic cloud instances and microservices).
  • This depth of detail, along with software intelligence, empowers Dynatrace to deliver high-speed root cause analysis, along with enriched contextual data – at the notification level / right in the alert – enabling teams to understand what action to take immediately.

xMatters & Dynatrace enhance the DevOps toolchain with AI-powered alerts and smarter workflows

You can click on any Dynatrace problem on the xMatters dashboard to see all related problem details and available follow-up actions, such as acknowledging the incident or adding a comment to inform the team of any steps that have been taken to remedy the issue.

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Want to see what intelligent observability powered by AI and automation can do for you? Get a free trial of the Dynatrace platform now.
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