Dynatrace & ServiceNow - Put your IT Operations on auto-pilot

Unified monitoring, customer impact, automatic problem remediation

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Automate your IT Services and Operations with Dynatrace and ServiceNow

Modernize IT with unified monitoring

Customer & business impact

Automatic problem remediation

The Dynatrace ServiceNow app

We’ve simplified the direct integration of your monitored environment with your ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) by providing a free app.

Install the Dynatrace ServiceNow app within your own ServiceNow environment to directly synchronize the list of automatically discovered hosts, applications, and services with your ServiceNow instance.

Once Dynatrace detects an anomaly within your environment, it automatically pushes the problem and its impact to the ServiceNow Problems list. Now, each problem detected by Dynatrace is automatically transformed into a ServiceNow incident.

Unified Monitoring for Modern IT

Dynatrace has a modern and unique approach when it comes to problem detection. Built for highly dynamic environments, Dynatrace offers a holistic approach to monitoring the health of your applications:

This full transactional views and capability of catching and evaluating every single service request in real-time, is a value only Dynatrace can bring to ServiceNow environments, eliminating the need for other monitoring vendors.

Full stack monitoring

Full transactional view - business, real-user, applications, network, infrastructure, cloud.

Eliminate service outages and disruption to end users

With the seamless integration between Dynatrace & ServiceNow, you can resolve incidents in real-time, which significantly reduces MTTR and eliminates business and end user disruption, which can be detrimental to your business. Benefits of Dynatrace & ServiceNow together:

Dynatrace provides a detailed problem page to understand the underlying root cause of the problem and begin problem resolution efforts.

COOP Denmark

“The real key thing is the integration point with ServiceNow. It gives us the ability to automate and distribute problem notifications to the right team. That means instead of chasing down people and looking manually on dashboards, there is a notification pushed directly to the development team if its an application problem or the infrastructure team if its an infrastructure problem.”

- Jeppe Lindberg, Application Performance Manager

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Dynatrace anomaly detection

With today’s highly dynamic service and application infrastructures, managing a CMDB database can be cumbersome and error prone with thousands of individual business-critical services and related dependencies. By installing Dynatrace OneAgent into your IT environment, you’ll successfully manage your software systems to efficiently route incidents to responsible teams.

For more details on Dynatrace seamless ServiceNow CMDB synchronization and problem detection, click here.

Synchronization of a Dynatrace-discovered application and its relationships to auto-discovered business-critical services looks in Dynatrace Smartscape and how it looks when synchronized within the ServiceNow dependency map

Star Entertainment

“One of the reasons why Dynatrace was chosen was because it integrates into ServiceNow, and helps us with incident management. Dynatrace sends events and alerts to ServiceNow - expediting the process drastically for us.”

- Eric Lewis, Manager, Service Management

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Seamless integration with ServiceNow ITOM product

The Dynatrace-to-ServiceNow integration seamlessly integrates Dynatrace alerts and its real-time dependency model with ServiceNow, allowing companies to remediate problems faster and update their Configuration Management Databases (CMDB) in ServiceNow in real-time. The app also integrates with ITOM products, thus making it easier to drill deeper into the Event Management dashboard. With this integration benefit you can expect the following:

Dynatrace automatically discovers your entire application stack, from each customer's web browser to your applications, down to containers, infrastructure, and cloud.

Resolve incidents faster and reduce MTTR with Dynatrace and ServiceNow

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Put your IT Operations on auto-pilot

Dynatrace, with ServiceNow integration capabilities, is the perfect way to detect and react on IT service related issues within your organization. This is a huge win for operations, who can spend massive amounts of time-consuming efforts manually mapping their system environments. With Dynatrace monitoring all your systems and pushing the data into ServiceNow in the context of business health and conversion, operations teams can focus on innovation vs. troubleshooting. Benefits to your business?

More value for operations

Less tools

20x faster MTTR

Raymond James

“At Raymond James we rely on ServiceNow to understand our critical IT systems behavior and rely on it as our solution for incident management. The out of the box integration with Dynatrace solution adds tremendous value to find and analyze deep application code level problems. This joint solution helps us eliminate service outages and disruption to end users and improves our SLAs to customers.”

- Jeff Palmiero, Manager of Application Performance Monitoring

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