Certified Dynatrace & ServiceNow integration

Synchronize your Dynatrace monitoring environment with your ServiceNow CMDB database to resolve incidents faster, lower MTTR and meet SLAs

Save downtime costs by reducing MTTR for performance issues

Out-of-the-box synchronize applications, services and infrastructure from your Dynatrace monitored environments with your ServiceNow enterprise service management platform.

Combining Dynatrace as the state-of-the-art full stack performance monitoring with ServiceNow reduces the manual labor to map your entire system environments. Thus, it also eliminates the delays caused by manual notification of service outages and wasted time spent on gathering details of the incident.

Efficiently receive problem notifications within ServiceNow

Once Dynatrace detects an anomaly within your environment, it automatically pushes the problem and its impact to ServiceNow's Problems list.

The Dynatrace ServiceNow app

We’ve further simplified the direct integration of your monitored environment with your ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) by providing a free app.

Install the Dynatrace ServiceNow app within your own ServiceNow environment to directly synchronize the list of automatically discovered hosts, applications, and services with your ServiceNow instance.

Once Dynatrace detects an anomaly within your environment, it automatically pushes the problem and its impact to the ServiceNow Problems list. In this way, each problem detected by Dynatrace is automatically transformed into a ServiceNow incident.

Resolve incidents faster and reduce MTTR with Dynatrace and ServiceNow

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Resolve problems before they impact the user experience

Dynatrace identifies performance issues before the user experience is affected by them. Problems are prioritized based on their impact. So you always know how severe a problem is and if it’s impacting the user’s experience.

Automatic root cause analysis is a unique Dynatrace capability that’s changing the lives of operations teams.

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“Dynatrace is painless to setup; within hours Dynatrace already discovered potential problems that could impact our customers. More importantly, Dynatrace shows us the exact source of our issues, saving us countless hours of devops time.”

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is one of the most extensive enterprise service management platforms available at the moment, providing software for efficiently managing the full spectrum of enterprise-related affairs, including legal, HR, finance, facilities management, marketing, and field operations.

ServiceNow supports the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), an integrated, process-based, best practice framework for managing IT services businesses.

The Dynatrace-to-ServiceNow integration is the perfect way to seamlessly report IT-service related problems into your organization’s ITIL process.

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