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Transform how you work with Dynatrace and ServiceNow

In September, Dynatrace made it easier to manage highly dynamic, microservices-based environments using the ServiceNow configuration management database (CMDB) with the release of the Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace.

The Service Graph Connector complements the Dynatrace Incident Integration app, with bi-directional integration between the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform and the Now Platform from ServiceNow. The Dynatrace Incident Integration app provides closed-loop, automated IT Operations Management (ITOM) workflows, and AI-assistance to provide smarter answers and precise topology and service mapping for multicloud environments. This bi-directional integration helps transform how teams work.

The Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace and the Dynatrace Incident Integration app are both certified applications in the ServiceNow store.

The Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace automatically populates your ServiceNow CMDB with real-time topology and detailed telemetry, and Dynatrace Incident Integration pushes incidents and events into ServiceNow. Once configured, Dynatrace automatically creates an incident for every auto-discovered problem within ServiceNow.

Dynatrace delivers automatic and intelligent observability for services in multicloud environments

Dynatrace automatically discovers all the subcomponents and dependencies across the cloud stack in real time, from applications and microservices to all components in the underlying infrastructure, pinpointing the root-cause of any issues, prioritizing by business impact, and providing precise, AI-driven answers. ServiceNow uses the data from Dynatrace, including correlation identifiers for affected hosts, to provide real-time observability across your full IT stack from a single source. With Dynatrace sending event alert data to ServiceNow, you get complete visibility, including code-level metrics and tracing, to proactively eliminate service outages.

Dynatrace’s AI engine, Davis®, automatically detects service health and performance incidents. The Dynatrace Incident Integration app synchronizes these incidents into the ServiceNow Event Management Dashboard.

We’ve introduced new checks to our incident integration that sends detailed problem data to ServiceNow and enhances ways to capture the impacted CIs on ServiceNow.

Transform how you work with Dynatrace and ServiceNow
ServiceNow Event Management Dashboard showing all services and applications monitored by Dynatrace and severity grouping

Workflow for automated closed-loop remediation

Dynatrace automatically detects performance, availability, error, and resource anomalies in your applications, services, and infrastructure. The Dynatrace Incident Integration app uses these detected incidents to alert ServiceNow Orchestration to resolve system errors and service outages. Once Dynatrace detects an incident, it’s sent to ServiceNow, along with all the impacted CIs and the root cause. This integration for rapid resolution provides companies with an achievable path to self-remediation.

Transform how you work with Dynatrace and ServiceNow
Example of triggered prescribed ServiceNow workflow operating on data from Dynatrace that executes incident remediation

Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace make CMDBs the nucleus of digital transformation

The Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace provides complete real-time visibility of all dependencies in your cloud stack through a generated service map, which shows a holistic view of the impact caused by an incident or event.

While the Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace and Dynatrace Incident Integration applications are two separate applications in the ServiceNow store, we recommend that you use both. Using both ensures your CMDB is current with contextual details so you can accurately determine the cause of an incident. Dynatrace Incident Integration sends detected incidents to ServiceNow, along with the root cause, and the Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace allows ServiceNow to route the incidents to the right CIs and provide a Service Mapping impact tree.

Transform how you work with Dynatrace and ServiceNow
Dynatrace Smartscape data integrated into ServiceNow “Dependency views” for full stack dependency mapping

Dynatrace’s continuous automation and AI assistance can transform how you work

The enhanced Dynatrace and ServiceNow bi-directional integration provides better intelligence for decision making to drive better business outcomes. With system state and alert data inputs automated in real-time, your CMDB will always be accurate and incidents will be identified with the root-cause of a problem so you can quickly return to normal operations before outcomes are impacted.

The automatic discovery, code-level distributed tracing, automatic observability, and AI-driven answers from the Dynatrace Software Intelligence Platform combined with automated workflow and configuration data from ServiceNow provide customers with the intelligence they need to improve user experience and accelerate digital transformation with more confidence and less risk.

Join Brian Emerson, VP of Products, ITOM from ServiceNow and Mike Maciag, CMO at Dynatrace, on November 17, 2020 as they demonstrate the benefits of this bi-directional integration in their webinar, “Transform how you work, with Dynatrace and ServiceNow.” Sign up for the webinar here.

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