Waltham, MA, October 22, 2020 – Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), announced today an enhanced, bi-directional, and automatic integration between the Dynatrace® Software Intelligence Platform and the ServiceNow® Platform. With precise topology and service mapping for dynamic multicloud environments, joint customers can increase efficiency through intelligent automation and reduce the risk of disruptions with predictive problem identification and automatic remediation, giving BizDevOps teams more time to innovate and accelerate digital transformation. By combining automatic and intelligent observability from Dynatrace with the intelligent automation capabilities of the ServiceNow Platform, customers and partners can speed their path to autonomous cloud operations.

“Dynatrace is a great partner for ServiceNow,” said Jeff Hausman, Vice President and General Manager of IT Operations Management, Security and CMDB/ServiceGraph at ServiceNow. “Using the combination of ServiceNow and Dynatrace, customers gain a deeper understanding of digital services, deriving signals from noise to pinpoint root cause, and deliver resilient operations for all applications and microservices in hybrid or multicloud environments.”

“Both ServiceNow and Dynatrace are strategic platforms for managing our cloud-native environment, and it is great to see this tight integration between the two,” said Mervyn Lally, Global Chief Enterprise Architect at Experian. “Together, they provide a complete service map of our environment, smarter AI-driven answers, and closed-loop, automated workflows to ensure any changes or fixes that we’ve implemented are successful. This enables our teams to focus on the value-added tasks of digital transformation, and deliver simple, easy, and seamless experiences that help our clients operate and consumers thrive.”

“As they execute their digital transformation projects in dynamic multicloud environments, customers are looking for ways to tame cloud complexity and gain more time for innovation,” said Steve Tack, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “We are thrilled that through close collaboration with ServiceNow and our joint customers, we can now provide the closed-loop, predictive problem identification and automatic remediation customers have been clamoring for. Together, we are enabling an AIOps-approach for autonomous cloud operations.”

This announcement builds on the recent release of the Service Graph Connector for Dynatrace®. Brian Emerson, ServiceNow VP of Products, ITOM will join Mike Maciag, CMO at Dynatrace, to demonstrate the benefits of this bi-directional integration during their webinar, Transform how you work with Dynatrace and ServiceNow, on November 17, 2020. Sign up for the webinar blog for additional details.