Apache Cassandra performance

App-centric Apache Cassandra performance optimization.

What is Apache Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source distributed database management system which was born at Facebook. Cassandra databaes are designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. Apache Cassandra offers capabilities that relational and NoSQL databases cannot match.

Get all the relevant data of your Cassandra databases in minutes

In less than five minutes, Dynatrace detects your Cassandra databases and shows all important metrics. Relevant database metrics are

  • CPU usage
  • response times
  • retransmissions
  • failure rates
  • suspension time
  • garbage collection time and many more.

Dynatrace works out-of-the-box so there is no need of manual configuration. You can start to optimize your Cassandra database performance immediately. When enabled globally, Dynatrace automatically collects all these Cassandra metrics whenever a new host running Cassandra is detected in your entire environment.

  • Auto-detect your Cassandra databases (and other databases)

    Auto-detection of your Cassandra databases is one of the key features of Dynatrace. All relevant data will be shown at a glance right after the auto-deployment.

  • Find the root cause of problems for database optimization

    Drill down to the metrics of individual nodes to find bottlenecks, actual problems and their root cause to fix them immediately.

  • Get alerted if Cassandra instances are underperforming

    As soon as problems occur, Dynatrace shows you which nodes are affected. Cassandra performance optimization can be that easy.

Cassandra performance optimization by finding problematic nodes

In Dynatrace the Cassandra metrics tab shows all valuable Cassandra node metrics for each process page. Exceptions and failed requests charts are displayed if there is a problem with a node.

We suggest to pay particular attention to unavailable read, write, and range slice counts. Increased latency typically indicates a performance issue, if the number of operations remains stable at the same time.

Get specific Cassandra node metrics

Dynatrace shows you additional Cassandra performance metrics. To access node-specific metrics, select a node from the process list at the bottom of the page. You will receive Cassandra node metrics related to

  • Cache
  • Disk usage
  • Java managed memory
  • Load and hints
  • Thread Pools
  • Pending tasks
  • Key cache hit rate any many more.

For more details about additional Apache Cassandra node metrics visit our Cassandra introduction blog post.

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For us the big win with Dynatrace is the ability to spot problems quickly and drill down to specific information without having to ask our users. Dynatrace makes it easy to spot patterns in user issues so we can focus on fixing recurring problems.
Charles Christiansen

Apache Cassandra capabilities

Apache Cassandra offers capabilities that relational and NoSQL databases cannot match. Examples for that are

  • linear scale performance
  • continuous availability
  • simplicity when operating
  • an easy way of data distribution across cloud availability zones
  • and many more.

On our Cassandra monitoring page you will see how Dynatrace analyzes the activity of Apache Cassandra databases and improves Cassandra performance across all platforms.

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