Apache Cassandra monitoring

App-centric Apache Cassandra performance monitoring

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Database auto-detection

Auto-detect your Cassandra databases

Dynatrace auto-detects your Cassandra databases and shows key metrics to them.

Database usage visualization

Know immediately if your Cassandra instance is underperforming

When problems occur, Dynatrace shows you which nodes are affected.

Database statement metrics

Find the root cause of problems

Drill down to the metrics of individual nodes to find the root cause of problems and potential bottlenecks.

Start monitoring your Cassandra databases in under 5 minutes!

In under five minutes, Dynatrace detects your Cassandra databases and shows metrics like CPU, connectivity, retransmissions, suspension and garbage collection time.

  • Manual configuration of your monitoring setup is no longer necessary.
  • Auto-detection starts monitoring new Cassandra databases.
Apache Cassandra monitoring overview

Dynatrace shows response times, failure rates, and database-activity breakdowns of Cassandra databases.

See valuable Cassandra node metrics and find problematic nodes

Valuable Cassandra node metrics for each Cassandra process page are displayed on the Cassandra metrics tab.

The Exceptions and Failed requests charts show you if there’s a problem with the node. Pay particular attention to Unavailable Read/Write/RangeSlice counts. Increased latency while the number of operations remains stable typically indicates a performance issue.

For the full list of the provided Cassandra metrics please visit our detailed blog post about Cassandra monitoring.

Cassandra process group details
Cassandra metrics

See additional Cassandra node metrics

On the Further details tab Dynatrace shows you additional Cassandra performance metrics related to:

  • Cache
  • Disk usage
  • Hints
  • Java managed memory
  • Load
  • Thread Pools
Additional Cassandra performance metrics

Enable Cassandra monitoring globally

When enabled globally, Dynatrace automatically collects Cassandra metrics whenever a new host running Cassandra is detected in your environment.

Further information about Cassandra performance optimization can be found here and in the community section.

Sofico N.V.

“We’re intrigued by its capability to work almost out of the box as well as being able to monitor system aspects as well as application performance and user experience.”

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What is Apache Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source distributed database management system designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure.

Visit our Community page to learn more about how Dynatrace monitors and analyzes the activity of your Apache Cassandra database services across all platforms, providing visibility down to individual database statements.