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Dynatrace Platform Subscription

Drive innovation, speed, and agility with a flexible, scalable subscription made for the modern cloud.

Unlock the full value of Dynatrace

  • All access icon

    Full platform access

    Use any observability, security, AIOps, and automation capability.

    • Use any module in any quantity
    • Scale instantaneously
    • Granular usage data and alerting
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    Simple contract

    Combined commit for the entire Dynatrace platform.

    • Annual spend commitment
    • Straightforward rate card
    • Flexible hourly pricing
  • No hidden fee icon

    No hidden fees

    Same rates for committed and on-demand usage.

    • No monthly minimums
    • No per-user fees
    • No surprise surcharges or extras

Access everything.
Pay for what you use.

Manage budgets more effectively with granular insights

View your budget in real-time so you can track and plan more effectively, forecast usage, and anticipate consumption months in advance. Get instant visibility and trend insights by environments and capabilities.

Gain the flexibility cloud-native environments demand

As your environment auto-scales, we scale with it. So you only pay for what you use, with hourly pricing that provides flexible observability and security for cloud-native deployments - even if they only persist for a short time.

Say goodbye to high watermark pricing

Access the full platform with usage-based hourly pricing that lets you easily address even unplanned use cases with Dynatrace to see faster business impact.

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Ready to switch?

If you're an existing customer, contact us to see if the Dynatrace Platform Subscription (DPS) is a better fit for you.

  • Get full access to the platform and any observability, security, and automation capability. Your rate card includes pricing for all our capabilities, so you don’t have to negotiate a new contract when you want to try something new.
  • Get a simple contract with a consolidated annual spend commitment at the platform level (no per-month or per-product commits). You can shift spend around among various modules as your needs changed, without needing to predict usage for each product in advance.
  • Never be surprised by extra fees or penalties. We’ll bill consumption beyond the minimum annual spend commitment at the same unit price as committed usage. The rate card is fully transparent and includes every possible charge, with no hidden costs buried in the terms and conditions.


Can I try Dynatrace before I buy?

Yes, start your Dynatrace Free Trial today.

Do I get a discount if I buy a larger Dynatrace Platform Subscription?

Yes, as you commit to more usage, your unit price decreases.

What is Dynatrace Platform Subscription?

Dynatrace Platform Subscription (DPS) is a licensing model where you make a minimum annual spend commitment at the platform level and then consume that commit based on actual usage and a straightforward rate card. Any platform capability can be used in any quantity at any time based on your evolving needs.

Do I get access to all platform capabilities in a Dynatrace Platform Subscription contract?

Yes, Dynatrace Platform Subscription gives you access to all platform capabilities that are generally available when you sign the order form.

How can I manage my consumption and control my costs?

You get complete transparency into your usage through a suite of tools in the Dynatrace Account Management Portal. In addition to raw data, the tools provide forecasting, alerting, and drilldowns that give real-time insights into your usage patterns.

When does Dynatrace charge for overages?

Dynatrace never charges penalty-style overages. Instead, customers who consume more than their minimum annual spend commit can continue to use the platform on an on-demand basis, billed monthly at the same rates as pre-paid consumption. Customers can alternatively increase their commit spend to attain a higher discount.

Why should I sign a multi-year contract if I can use the platform on demand?

You will be entitled to better discounts when you make larger commitments.

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