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Log Management and Analytics

Innovate faster and more efficiently with unified log management and log analytics for actionable insights and automation.

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Get precise answers from unified log data in context

Start analyzing logs, metrics, and events in the context of traces, topology, and user sessions - with no more schemas or storage tiers to manage.
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Get answers to any question, in real-time, at scale, and on budget.

Powered by Grail, Dynatrace is the only platform to provide observability, security, and business data in context with no indexes, rehydration, or sampling.

  • Unified Log Anayltics v2 1 50

    Ensure cloud application health​

    Collect, parse, and monitor log data with AI to identify trends and issues proactively.

  • Infrastructure Optimization 50

    Optimize customer experiences ​

    Investigate and resolve issues faster with AI-powered log analysis in automated full context.​

  • Application Availability 50

    Increase application resilience and security ​

    Get real-time log analysis in context of all observability and security data.​

  • Audit and Forensic 50

    Solve complex compliance and security cases ​

    Analyze log data in real time and context with unmatched query capabilities.​

Game-changing speed, scale, and value

  • 1b

    analyzed in context.

  • 1000

    processed in one powerful query.

  • 5 100

    for many advanced queries on large data volumes.

Hassle-free log management

Store petabytes without schemas, indexing, or rehydration

  • Instantly access petabytes of data without needing to reconstitute and reindex from cold archives.
  • Just run it – with no rigid schemas, no expensive indexes to manage, and no need to know what you want to query up front.
  • Pick the retention that fits your business and compliance needs, from debug to audit.​
Real-time analytics at scale

Instantly analyze de-siloed data sources in full context​

  • Consolidate data into a single purpose-built data lakehouse to get answers with one ubiquitous query approach.​
  • Analyze logs in context of traces, user sessions, and topology with intuitive visual diagnostics and powerful queries.​
  • Pinpoint root cause and eliminate manual correlation with AI-powered analysis to automatically reveal relevant log lines.​
Faster time to value​

Easily turn logs to metrics to dashboards

  • Optimize costs with the flexibility to create metrics from log data and pin to dashboards at ingest, independent of retention strategy.​
  • Turn any query into a metric and dashboard without needing to rehydrate or reindex from an archive.​
  • Eliminate manual effort and alert storms with auto-baselining, anomaly detection, and ​root cause analysis.
Precise answers with embedded expertise

Explore logs in context of auto-discovered entities and topologies with dependency mapping​

  • Quickly focus on relevant application and cloud components for live troubleshooting and debugging.​
  • Explore, filter, and search log and event data in context of Kubernetes and cloud platforms.​
  • Use interactive visual queries to navigate and analyze logs and easily pin to dashboards.
Complete control

Query and parse instantly with Dynatrace Query Language (DQL)

  • Leverage DQL, a familiar query language and pipe-based syntax that's simpler and more powerful than SQL and regular expressions.​
  • Unlock value and new potential for observability, security, and business data with schema-on-read parsing versus ingest alone. ​
  • Enable any query, any time, on large volumes and five or more times faster parsing than regular expressions with purpose-built, high-speed algorithms and massively parallel processing (MPP).​

Industry-leading cost-value ratio: broadest ingest with full control​

  • Leverage an open application programming interface (API) with native multicloud support for Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, and Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform environments.​
  • Automatically collect logs across the entire application stack, retained in context of all observability signals, using Dynatrace OneAgent.​
  • Make separate log pipelines obsolete with pre-ingest filtering and data transformation during processing.​
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Log Management and Analytics

Unlock better log management and analytics capabilities that make your data work for you.
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Powerful core technologies

Get precise answers through explainable, causal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.

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