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Splunk vs. Dynatrace

Benefits of migrating from Splunk to Dynatrace

Indexing, schemas, and storage management can be a thing of the past. Learn how the centralized log management market is migrating to AI-driven observability tools.

Dynatrace engineering investments into hypermodal AI and our data lake house Grail, has drastically changed our log management and analytics offering. Are you ready to reduce cost and management overhead while improving monitoring coverage and troubleshooting accuracy?

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In this white paper, learn how Dynatrace shifts the paradigm for organizations seeking a more modern approach to unified observability for multicloud environments in the following ways:

Not all tasks are queries

See how AI, automation, and Dynatrace Grail™ eliminate reliance on thousands of manual queries and reduce data management costs.

AI provides comprehensive coverage and visibility

Understand how causal, predictive, and generative AI work together to provide observability of every entity, trend, alert, and metric, their context, and baseline changes—all query free.

Significantly reduce total cost of ownership

Learn how schemaless, indexless storage frees organizations from strict adherence to the Splunk common information model (CIM) and dramatically reduces dependence on services.

Stop paying for unused data

Grasp how answer-centric pricing, rather than ingest-centric pricing, focuses only on the data you need, not the data the data you don’t, for better, faster analysis and substantial savings.

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