Expanded Grail data lakehouse and new Dynatrace user experience unlock boundless analytics

Upgrade to the Data explorer to level up your data visualizations and analysis

Lessons learned from enterprise service-level objective management

Scale up your Dynatrace Managed software-intelligence deployment with self-healing insights

Manage dashboards more efficiently with more control with the JSON editor

Get scheduled reports on data that matters to you most by subscribing to dashboards (EA)

Compare KPIs across time and management zones on a single dashboard

New filtering capabilities for large service lists in your monitoring environment

Dashboard kiosk mode & markdown tiles for frictionless management reporting

Manage dashboards at scale with the new Dashboards API (Beta)

Build dashboards faster with drag-and-drop dashboard editing

Custom charting for mobile and custom-application metrics

Gen 3 monitoring—why dashboards matter

Organize your dashboards more effectively

Take control of pinning charts & tiles to dashboards

Build and analyze custom charts more conveniently

New dashboard charts for power users

Easier collaboration with Dynatrace dashboarding enhancements

The new Dynatrace dashboarding suite: Powerful, pretty, and easy to use!

Enhanced global Time frame selector functionality

Optimize your dashboard with new filters and custom charts

Use filtering to build more effective dashboards and charts

Introducing the Time frame selector

Create and share custom dashboards!