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HTTP synthetic monitoring now available for Windows-based ActiveGates

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.165

Introducing the IBM MQ ActiveGate monitoring plugin

Integrate Azure Monitor to get AI-powered service behavior insights

Find quicker answers to your questions in the redesigned Dynatrace Help system

Get automatic monitoring insights into Cloud Foundry platform components

Dashboard kiosk mode & markdown tiles for frictionless management reporting

Manage dashboards at scale with the new Dashboards API (Beta)

Automate naming and segmentation of requests for business transaction monitoring at scale

Scale and automate your synthetic monitoring environment with the Synthetic API (Beta)

Multi-dimensional analysis of mobile-app user actions

End of support for Internet Explorer 11 and TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1

Dynatrace Managed feature update, version 1.164

Get out-of-the-box visibility into your IBM Integration Bus (Early Adopter Release)

Understand mobile app crashes effectively with our mobile symbol service and iOS symbolication (Preview)

Extend your AI-powered monitoring landscape with custom JMX and PMI metrics

Welcome! New synthetic monitoring locations in Asia, Africa, and the US

Add custom network devices with just a few clicks

Enhanced visibility into Kubernetes cluster utilization and health

Five reasons why you should monitor your Cloud Foundry Auctioneers

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.163

Get automated full-stack visibility into your CRI-O Kubernetes containers (Beta)

Deep dive into user session data with Dynatrace user session queries

Get full Real User Monitoring insights into 3rd-party SaaS solutions