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Fetch timeseries data for custom applications & mobile apps via our REST API

LoadRunner request tagging for effortless load testing integration

OneAgent monitoring of Windows Server Containers (Docker for Windows)

Detection of BOSH instance metadata for your Cloud Foundry VMs

OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes, version 1.149

Analyze the top web requests across all your services

Take control of pinning charts & tiles to dashboards

Capture any request attributes using OneAgent SDK

Filter user sessions based on custom session properties (EAP)

OneAgent Operator release for your K8S and OpenShift environments

Network application monitoring: what’s in a NAMe?

Dynatrace Managed feature update, version 1.148

Monitor hybrid mobile apps with the Cordova plugin

Google App Engine application monitoring now available (beta)

OneAgent now deployable on Google Container-Optimized OS (EAP)

Define process group metadata for Cloud Foundry applications

OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes, version 1.147

Context-specific drill down menus simplify service analysis

Full code-level visibility now available for Go-application monitoring

Announcing the Dynatrace API explorer & OpenAPI specification

OneAgent for Linux PowerPC Little Endian (PPCLE) architecture goes GA

OneAgent & Security Gateway release notes (version 1.145)

New ‘Transfer size’ DEM metric & waterfall enhancements