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OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.159

Improved host memory metrics now include Reclaimable memory

Get automatic code-level insights into your Go applications and cloud platform components

Receive notification of outages in Dynatrace infrastructure via email

Enhanced AI root-cause detection minimizes alert spam (Early Adopter Release)

Monitor your Xamarin apps with Dynatrace OneAgent

Convert log data to table format using new Log Analytics capabilities

IBM MQ ActiveGate extension now available (EAP)

Citrix ADC ActiveGate extension now available (EAP)

Dynatrace support for OpenJDK open-source Java runtime

New synthetic monitoring locations now available worldwide

Monitor PHP in Windows environments (Early Adopter Release)

OneAgent & ActiveGate release notes, version 1.157

Build dashboards faster with drag-and-drop dashboard editing

Comment and collaborate on fixing problems with the Dynatrace mobile app

Dynatrace integration for the ServiceNow London release

Data privacy enhancement: Masking internal IP addresses

Oracle database insights now available (Preview)

Dynatrace Managed feature update, version 1.158

Announcing support for AWS CloudTrail logs (Early Adopter Release)

Custom charting for mobile and custom-application metrics

Synthetic HTTP monitors for private locations are now GA

End-to-end transactions down to the IBM mainframe (EAP)

Integrate external synthetic data with Dynatrace via API