Dynatrace at re:Invent – Event highlights

Lots to digest and share as we progress through to the tail end of re:Invent 2017.

First up, our AWS partnership gets the spotlight

What a thrill to see our logo up on stage as AWS Privatelink on AWS Marketplace was announced. And then tweeted to 58k followers…

How good is that?!

And then while Alois Reitbauer, our Chief Tech Strategist, was busy being interviewed by one of the UK’s most influential cloud writers, we saw our two major pieces of AWS news land in the press:

Alexa for Business

Alexa for Business took center stage at AWS re:Invent on Day #4. Naturally, here at Dynatrace, we’re pretty happy with this news because it plays perfectly to our strengths.

I grabbed a quick chat with our Alois (who was interviewed by IT Pro on this very topic) to discuss the significance of the news and how it will change the way we work. Interestingly, he believes:

  • Amazon’s announcement of Alexa for Business marks the start of what will be rapid adoption of voice and digital assistants among software companies. By mid-next year, we should expect to see all major industries rolling out voice-based interfaces.
  • Companies can greatly increase productivity without having to follow set workflows but, as adoption increases, it will be crucial to maintain a good user experience. This presents a new challenge in terms of visibility into whether things are working and, if not, why.
  • Enterprises need to be able to find errors, see the whole user journey and understand how long it takes to respond. They can’t afford to have any problems because once voice is done successfully and people grow accustomed to the experience, it will become the new standard and extremely difficult to revert to anything else. That’s just how innovation works, so it’s important to get it right, without user issues.

Changing cultures with the UFO

What a pleasure to see Andi Grabner at work on the booth, at ease delving into demos and listening to the IT challenges surfaced by attendees as they stopped by for a chat.

For those yet to meet Andi, here’s a quick interview we shot today:

We hope everyone who attended the event has made new friends, gathered up some fresh knowledge and….not been stuck on the shuttle bus too long.

From all the Dynatracers at re:Invent 2017, see you next year. Thanks for visiting!

As the director of the global Brand and Comms team, I love finding ways for Dynatrace to broadcast the fantastic innovation and success we share with our customers. We have such a strong story to tell but the way we communicate must constantly evolve to make sure we listen to, connect with and remain relevant to our modern, digital stakeholders. I relish the opportunity to work for Dynatrace - our technology, team, customers and culture is formidable and couldn’t be more primed to meet the needs of digital businesses today.

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