2021 DevOps Report

Deep cloud observability & advanced AIOps are key to scaling DevOps practices

We asked 1,300 global development and DevOps leaders about the biggest challenges they’re facing achieving DevOps at scale, and keeping up with the demand for digital innovation.

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DevOps teams are struggling to keep up, let alone innovate

As organizations rush to deliver digital services and make customers happier, DevOps teams and processes are critical to achieving transformation goals while ensuring speed, quality, and reliability.

And it’s only getting faster

Organizations expect to make software updates 58% more frequently by 2023.


All that speed is putting quality at risk

22% of leaders admit they’re under so much pressure to innovate faster that they must sacrifice code quality.



Teams are bogged down by siloes, app complexity, fragmented toolchains, and manual work

27% of DevOps teams’ time is taken up by manual tasks, reducing the time spent on innovation.

The software delivery cycle will depend on intelligence and automation to succeed

79% say extending AIOps beyond traditional use cases will play a critical role in the success of DevOps and SRE practices.


And it starts with end-to-end observability on a unified platform

71% say a unified platform that seamlessly integrates their toolchains will be critical to scaling DevOps beyond a single lighthouse project.


Andreas Grabner photo
“To overcome these challenges, organizations need a more intelligent solution that combines end-to-end observability, precise insights, and continuous automation.”
Andreas Grabner, DevOps Activist, Dynatrace

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