Jakub Mierzewski

Jakub was a Product Manager with a technical background and diverse corporate and startup experience. He is focused on building products that customers love to use!

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Jakub Mierzewski's articles

Extend the AI and automation core of Dynatrace with host extensions to resolve infrastructure problems

Automate extensions management with the Extensions API (Early Adopter)

Extend the AI and automation core of Dynatrace with custom plugins

Oracle database insights Early Adopter Release

Extend your AI-powered monitoring landscape with custom JMX and PMI metrics

Oracle database insights now available (Preview)

Kafka process monitoring out of the box

Automated monitoring of Redis replication processes

JMX monitoring plugin editor now available (EAP)

Custom charting now supports metrics from custom monitoring plugins

Extend Dynatrace with custom monitoring plugins

Introducing PHP-FPM monitoring (beta)

Introducing ActiveMQ monitoring

Introducing Cassandra monitoring

Custom threshold settings for technologies monitored with plugins

Introducing Hadoop monitoring

Introducing Spark monitoring

Introducing Couchbase monitoring (beta)

Introducing CouchDB monitoring (beta)

Introducing RabbitMQ monitoring

Introducing Elasticsearch cluster monitoring

Introducing Redis server monitoring

Introducing Memcached server monitoring