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Custom charting now supports metrics from custom monitoring plugins

Charts can now be set up to display metrics that are gathered via any custom monitoring plugins you’ve built to monitor 3rd party technologies that aren’t detectable by Dynatrace out-of-the-box.

Build custom charts

To create a custom chart

  1. Select Create custom chart from the navigation menu.
    Alternatively, you can select the Build custom chart tile in the Tile catalog.
  2. On the Build a custom chart page, select metrics related to the processes you want to chart.
    For this example, we’ll select a newly created custom metric,  Processes - My new metric.
  3. Click the Build chart button.
  4. Click the Edit button (pencil icon) next to the Custom configured chart field and type in an intuitive name for your new chart.
  5. Click the metric name beneath the chart to access the available settings for the selected metric. Adjust the aggregation and display options for the metric as required.
  6. You can optionally add additional metrics to the chart by clicking the Add metric button.
  7. Once you’re satisfied with your new chart, click the Pin to dashboard button to add the chart to your dashboard.

Metrics must have display names

So that we can offer custom charting for all custom metrics, we’ve enhanced the process for plugin validation. This means that metric display names are now obligatory for all custom plugin metrics. Metric display names can be used in place of series display names. For full details, see our OneAgent SDK Guide.