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Kubernetes monitoring

Manage the health and performance of containerized applications and multi-cloud infrastructure with metrics, traces, and logs in one place.

Kubernetes monitoring and beyond. Way, way beyond.

Easily run and monitor your entire Kubernetes environment in one observability, analytics, and security platform.

Manage platform health and performance

Gain full, ongoing visibility into cluster health and:

  • Continuously discover and monitor Kubernetes nodes and pods
  • See metrics, events, and logs from Kubernetes pods and nodes in one view
  • Leverage log analytics to gain container workload insights
  • Enjoy support of GitOps with Monitoring as code
  • Get automatic, out-of-the-box alerting for Kubernetes

Optimize resource utilization across workloads

Improve performance and better leverage resources with exploratory and predictive analyses, so you can:

  • Understand overall cluster resource utilization
  • Identify workloads consuming the most resources
  • Determine workloads not getting enough resources and reallocate.

Deliver excellent customer experience and application performance

Solve complex interactions between microservices and your Kubernetes platform, and:

  • Automatically identify root cause and impact with Davis Causal AI
  • Continuously discover microservices, end user experience, and Kubernetes workload health.
  • Visualize requests end-to-end with distributed tracing and code-level profiling
  • Test the impact of changes with automatic deployment validation

    Ensure Kubernetes security

    Empower DevSecOps with cloud-native security solutions and intelligent automation, so you can:

    • Identify vulnerabilities in production with runtime security analytics
    • Enable proactive risk mitigation and accelerate remediation with data in context
    • Detect and block attacks in real-time
    • Strengthen defense with log audit and forensics
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      On-demand webinar

      Observability Clinic: Mastering Kubernetes Resiliency with Dynatrace

      Kubernetes has become the go-to platform for deploying applications in recent years. And while it offers a multitude of impressive features, it also comes with a set of responsibilities and potential challenges – specifically around running scalable and resilient workloads.

      That’s why our Observability Clinic addresses two critical production scenarios that have emerged in the context of Kubernetes.

      • Substantial increase in response time after optimizing the resource allocation of the cluster.
      • The side-effects of auto-scaling and its impact on other workloads.

      Watch this comprehensive guide to understanding and mitigating common challenges faced when utilizing Kubernetes, with a specific focus on observability and efficient autoscaling.

      Watch now


      The observability guide to platform engineering

      Implementing DevOps and platform engineering is now a requirement for organizations that want to deliver value in the cloud. What to learn more? In this eBook, we dive into what is platform engineering, core platform observability and security principles, use cases and much more.
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      Simple, fair, and transparent pricing

      Get full Kubernetes observability at a predictable price.

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