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Intelligent Log Monitoring

Make smarter, faster decisions when troubleshooting and measuring the health of your application environments.

Actionable insights for all your critical use cases


Automatically unify logs, traces, and metrics of events in real time

  • Navigate from traces to logs to user sessions and vice versa to get full stack visibility
  • Resolve issues faster with AI-powered root cause analysis
  • Instantly understand business impact and dependencies
  • Reduce MTTR by eliminating manual correlation between multiple tools, alerts, and data silos
Kubernetes Observability

Easily monitor Kubernetes

  • Improve cluster health and ensure performant applications across complex multi-cloud environments
  • Store, analyze, and query cluster-level logs
  • Filter by namespace, workload, node, pod, and container to simplify analysis
  • Diagnose cluster health and troubleshoot application performance with AI-assisted analytics
Log Processing

Optimize storage costs by extracting metrics from logs at ingest or on read

  • Collect and parse log data in real-time without indexing
  • Replace alert storms with AI-powered baselining and anomaly detection
  • Filter, monitor, and transform log fields to meet policy and compliance requirements
Audit and Forensics

Resolve incidents faster

  • Analyze and isolate attack patterns and impact
  • Make any query, at any time, on any data set without reindexing with Dynatrace Query Language (DQL)
  • Retain logs from days to years to meet your audit requirements
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Log monitoring and analytics as the key drivers in the hyperscale world

Unlock the power of log monitoring and log analytics in a hyperscale world with our whitepaper.

  • Discover how unified log observability and analytics can supercharge your innovation and efficiency.
  • Learn about the game-changing benefits of log monitoring and analytics in various scenarios.
  • Overcome the challenges organizations face in implementing effective log management practices.

Download our whitepaper to see how to get answers to any question, any time, at any scale, with no indexes, rehydration, or sampling.

Read the whitepaper


Empower every team to work faster and more effectively

  • Faster Troubleshooting

    Gain real time access to log events data in context of your traces, metrics, and topology to reduce mean time to repair by 90%.​

  • Cost-effective architecture

    With no more schemas to manage or indexes to wait on, teams no longer have to pay a premium for data they’ll never use. ​

  • Actionable analytics

    Query and parse logs to identify, metric, and reduce major outages and degradations by 60%. ​

  • Situational awareness

    Collaborate securely with live data and generate information-rich tables, charts, and dashboards.​

  • Unified observability

    Replace distracting war rooms and alert storms with AI-powered root cause analysis to increase DevOps efficiency by over 40%.​

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Get precise answers from unified log data in context

Start analyzing logs, metrics, and events in the context of traces, topology, and user sessions - with no more schemas or storage tiers to manage.
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