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As service-oriented architectures evolve, the requirements for greater functional granularity has made microservices popular. One popular implementation of microservices architecture is Docker. Due to its flexibility and portability, Docker has been adopted in many continuous integration environments and is increasingly deployed to execute business-critical transactions. Accordingly, the success of Docker microservices is dependent on the performance of Docker containers that implement these microservices. In order to ensure that Docker containers perform as expected, Docker container monitoring is conducted before and after deployment of Docker containers.

Several solutions for Docker monitoring are available in the market, the best of which is offered by Dynatrace. As a leading APM solutions provider, Dynatrace APM solutions enable advanced monitoring in complex environments such as virtualization monitoring in data centers. For Docker monitoring, Dynatrace enables comprehensive monitoring of individual Docker containers and Docker clusters.

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Get insight into your Docker clusters using Dynatrace Docker container monitoring

Clustering your Docker containers achieves greater availability and redundancy for your applications running in Docker containers. By using a cluster manager like Kubernetes, you can easily deploy, run, and manage Docker clusters in addition to scaling them up or down on demand according to user load.

To ensure that your Docker clusters perform up to par, you can use Dynatrace Docker container monitoring to monitor your Kubernetes-managed Docker clusters. Dynatrace's Docker performance monitoring solution allows you to visualize the health and performance of your Docker clusters in the Dynatrace Docker cluster monitoring dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can see the distribution of containers over cluster hosts and the health of these hosts including CPU, memory, disk, and network usage.

Additionally, the dashboard shows you the response times of transactions, the distribution of fast and slow transactions, the load balancing between various containers in the front-end and back-end tiers, and the thread count and CPU utilization of containers in the front-end and back-end tiers. By capturing these Docker cluster metrics, Dynatrace Docker container monitoring offers the most powerful performance monitoring solution available for Docker clusters.

Validate your application's performance by using Dynatrace Docker container monitoring

As you integrate Docker into your continuous integration processes across development, testing, and production, an underlying consideration is application performance. Challenges to performance monitoring and analysis of Dockerized applications is mitigated using Docker container monitoring from Dynatrace. Dynatrace makes performance monitoring of Docker containers and Docker clusters straightforward by providing an easy to deploy Dynatrace Docker Monitor Plugin and a rich software performance metrics dashboard that provides end-to-end visibility into the performance of your Dockerized applications.

Integrating Dynatrace into your continuous integration processes allows you to conduct Docker container monitoring to validate the performance of your Dockerized applications throughout their lifecycles thus reducing the risk of performance issues when these applications go live. In addition to Docker monitoring, Dynatrace also offers solutions for Java, Node.js, NGINX, and PHP performance monitoring as well as SQL monitoring tools. With Dynatrace, all your application performance monitoring and management needs are fulfilled including support for newer technologies.

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