PostgreSQL performance

Designed for maximum extensibility and reliability, PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source relational database management system preferred by many developers today. Chosen because of its data integrity, reliable architecture, and superior feature set, PostgreSQL has fast become a favorite of IT managers, DBAs, and enterprise information project teams as well. In order to maximize PostgreSQL performance, some developers and DBAs are now turning to database monitoring tools that support PostgreSQL. With the right database performance monitoring solution, your teams can tune and improve PostgreSQL performance in accordance with your particular environment and unique application requirements.

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Tuning PostgreSQL performance and improving the performance of applications dependent on PostgreSQL databases

Other than adding or selecting better hardware, there are two simple ways to improve PostgreSQL performance. One way is to tweak the basic configuration parameters of the database, increasing the value of shared buffers or effective cache size, for example. Another way of boosting PostgreSQL performance is to tune specific queries, or approach it from the application perspective. Using various commands and modules or dedicated PostgreSQL monitoring tools, you can find long-running queries or missing indexes, examine execution plans for poorly performing statements, and make changes to queries or add indexes, as necessary, in order to improve database performance.

Evaluating the efficiency of individual statements is a tedious process, however. And developers can quickly become overwhelmed. Fortunately, there is a database performance monitoring solution that makes PostgreSQL performance tuning easier. With Dynatrace, identifying slow queries, drilling down to problematic statements, and analyzing PostgreSQL performance—from the application perspective—is simpler and less time-consuming. Dynatrace automatically detects your PostgreSQL databases and supplies you with the detailed metrics you need to optimize PostgreSQL performance for your particular application.

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Boost PostgreSQL performance and the overall performance of your applications

A powerful full-stack unified monitoring tool, Dynatrace offers developers, DBAs, and operations teams a comprehensive set of application, database, and network performance monitoring features including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB monitoring tools. Dynatrace automatically discovers and monitors databases called by Java, .NET, PHP, and Node.js and offers you actionable insights into your database's performance—whether it's PostgreSQL or MongoDB performance you seek to optimize.

Our database monitoring solution provides you with detailed CPU, memory, and disk space metrics, allowing you to evaluate resource utilization and saturation and ensure that sufficient resources are available for your database processes. Utilizing intelligent baselining, Dynatrace recognizes when PostgreSQL performance isn't up to par, supplying you with a detailed root-cause analysis when problems arise. Dynatrace automatically identifies and provides you with a complete list of slow queries or poorly performing statements, helping you optimize your applications for efficient database access and better leverage high-performing database management systems like PostgreSQL.

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