PostgreSQL monitoring tools

Despite the fact that PostgreSQL was designed for high performance and stability and supports a wide range of workloads, some developers and DBAs will find that the performance of their PostgreSQL database is lagging. And when both sides can't seem to identify the cause of performance degradation, what often results is finger-pointing—instead of cooperating to resolve the issue.

Part of the problem is that many PostgreSQL monitoring tools and other database monitoring tools aren't particularly developer-friendly. With PostgreSQL monitoring tools, DBAs may be able to collect and examine various detailed metrics on database performance and resource utilization while developers are left wondering where to start. With a unified monitoring tool like Dynatrace however, developers, DBAs, and operations teams can quickly obtain the information they need to isolate the root cause of database-related performance problems and implement effective solutions.

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PostgreSQL monitoring tools vs. unified monitoring tools

PostgreSQL monitoring tools can be used to collect metrics on PostgreSQL performance and resource utilization including data on host health such as CPU and I/O usage. These tools are great for aggregating and viewing statistics on the state of your PostgreSQL server and processes, but are less helpful when it comes to diving into and tuning poorly performing queries or problematic statements—issues with which developers will be most concerned. Moreover, some PostgreSQL monitoring tools will have a negative impact on PostgreSQL server performance depending on how you use them.

Dynatrace, on the other hand, provides you with detailed metrics not only on the performance of your PostgreSQL server(s) but on the performance of your applications and network as well as hypervisors and virtual machines in virtualized environments. More developer-friendly and intuitive than most PostgreSQL monitoring tools, Dynatrace is easy to install and offers you immediate, actionable insight into your database, alerting you to critical performance issues and letting you drill down to slow performing statements. More comprehensive in scope than dedicated PostgreSQL monitoring tools, Dynatrace gives teams holistic visibility into the entire application stack, supporting collaboration among developers and DBAs instead of unproductive finger-pointing.

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Improving database and application performance with Dynatrace's full-stack unified monitoring solution

Dynatrace's database performance monitoring capabilities aren't limited to PostgreSQL. With support for the widest range of database technologies, Dynatrace automatically discovers and monitors database calls from Java, .NET, Node.js, or PHP, to any major SQL or NoSQL database system. Whether it's MySQL, OracleDB, or MongoDB performance you need to monitor, we have you covered. Instead of struggling with various dedicated PostgreSQL or MongoDB monitoring tools, why not leverage a single solution for comprehensive monitoring of all of your databases? With a few clicks, find out which services are accessing your databases to locate and eliminate bottlenecks fast. At a glance, view the most time-consuming query executions and fix problematic statements to optimize both application and database performance.

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