MySQL profiling

MySQL is a popular database that has evolved to run numerous large-scale, high-profile websites. To measure the performance of MySQL databases, database monitoring tools such as MySQL profiling tools are often used. These tools enable you to obtain granular MySQL performance metrics such as CPU and memory resource utilization to help to you understand how well each database is running and whether it is slowing down the applications that query it. Metrics collected by MySQL profiling tools allow you identify any performance issues with MySQL and provide actionable data to help you to solve these issues as well as to tune and optimize your MySQL database. When used with application monitor tools, you can troubleshoot performance problems across application and database tiers.

MySQL performance

Use Dynatrace for in-depth MySQL profiling

Dynatrace provides comprehensive digital performance management solutions that incorporate application and database performance monitoring tools. These integrated tools provide support for many popular application and database platforms and technologies including major RDBMS products such as MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server. Dynatrace’s MySQL support includes MySQL profiling capabilities. Dynatrace MySQL profiling captures key data associated with:

analyze MySQL metrics

Perform root-cause analysis with Dynatrace MySQL profiling

Performance metrics collected by Dynatrace’s MySQL monitoring tools enable you to identify and analyze any MySQL performance issues. Captured data can be used for MySQL profiling and baseline analysis. Current data can be compared against historical data to determine if performance has declined. Dynatrace recognizes any degradation in performance and highlights any such occurrence in an intuitive dashboard display, while enabling you to drill-down for contextual detail.

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MySQL database performance

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