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An open-source, document-oriented NoSQL database, MongoDB is chosen by many organizations because of its flexible schema design, comprehensive querying framework, and horizontal scalability. Suitable for big data storage and developing ecommerce and blogging platforms as well as location-based apps, MongoDB is now one of the most popular database management systems.

Developers and enterprises leverage MongoDB for its flexibility and scalability but may find that MongoDB performance isn't always up to par depending on the applications or services accessing the database. And DBAs may fail to find or effectively communicate to developers a solution to degraded performance when relying on simple MongoDB monitoring tools. What all of your teams—Dev, Test, Ops, and DBAs—need is a database performance monitoring solution that provides comprehensive visibility into the entire application architecture, helping them identify bottlenecks, find the root cause of MongoDB performance issues, and implement effective solutions.

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Diagnosing and resolving MongoDB performance issues

Degraded MongoDB performance can result from insufficient resources, inadequate or inappropriate indexing, or inefficient database access strategies. And while DBAs can employ database monitoring tools to collect metrics on MongoDB performance and resource utilization to assess whether resources like RAM or CPU need to be added or not, developers need tools that help them quickly and easily find inefficient queries or missing indexes. Because of MongoDB's locking system, which is used to ensure data consistency, MongoDB performance will suffer when waiting requests accumulate due to slow queries or long-running operations. So in order to ensure the best performance, it is essential that developers be able to identify and fix problematic statements quickly and effectively.

With a powerful app-centric database monitoring tool like Dynatrace, developers and DBAs get holistic visibility into the entire application topology. With a few clicks, they can figure out exactly how much time is being spent in the database, view a list of all MongoDB commands, and find the most time-consuming requests. They can then isolate the root cause of MongoDB performance issues and drill down to the problematic user action or statement. Dynatrace provides you with detailed data on host health, including CPU and disk space metrics, and a service-level backtrace function that lets you see all services and applications communicating with your database.

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Optimize MongoDB performance and overall application performance with Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a unified monitoring solution that gives you a complete view of database performance from the application perspective. Our patented PurePath Technology captures timing and code-level context for all transactions hitting your database while our PureStack Technology shows you how your infrastructure affects those transactions and your application's user experience.

Supporting a wide range of database technologies including PostgreSQL, our full-stack database monitoring capabilities go beyond those of dedicated MongoDB or PostgreSQL monitoring tools, supplying you with actionable insight into MongoDB or PostgreSQL performance and your application and network. Dynatrace provides you with the granular data, visualizations, and drill down capabilities you need to eliminate hotspots and optimize the performance of your database and the applications that depend on it.

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