OpenStack monitoring tools

Enterprise IT is trending toward the deployment of private or hybrid clouds, and OpenStack is often the technology on which those clouds are built. OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system that controls the provisioning and operation of integrated compute, storage, and networking resources within a highly virtualized data center. With more applications running on the OpenStack platform, there is growing interest in OpenStack monitoring tools that can help operations teams to gauge and tune the performance of the platform. Dynatrace OpenStack monitoring stands out for the breadth of functionality and technology coverage and for the ability to monitor not just pure private or pure public clouds that utilize OpenStack, but also hybrid clouds that may span multiple types of cloud platform.

openstack monitoring tools

Dynatrace OpenStack monitoring tools for full-stack, full lifecycle application monitoring

Dynatrace is a unified infrastructure and application monitoring toolset used by thousands of businesses to monitor and optimize private, public, and hybrid cloud performance. Available as a Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) solution or a managed on-premise system, the Dynatrace all-in-one monitoring suite features powerful OpenStack monitoring tools.

With a simple agent install, Dynatrace automatically discovers and monitors OpenStack environments and the applications that run in them. Leveraging Dynatrace’s integrated OpenStack monitoring and comprehensive digital performance management functionality, you can:

performance problem resolution

Dynatrace OpenStack monitoring tools for hybrid cloud

For many organizations, hybrid clouds offer a "best of both worlds" solution that combines the best aspects of running application on-premise and in the public cloud. With its integrated OpenStack monitoring tools and its support for all major IaaS and PaaS cloud services, Dynatrace supports mapping, monitoring, and troubleshooting of hybrid cloud application topologies – such as an application that runs on OpenStack in your data center and also extends to the AWS or Azure infrastructure cloud.

For enterprises undertaking cloud initiatives, Dynatrace offers not only comprehensive cloud application management functionality but also cloud migration tools that support capacity planning and allow for comparing business transaction performance before and after the cloud migration.

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