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Virtualization is used by many IT departments to enable easier management of IT resources and costs. Popular virtualization products used by many organizations are Citrix® XenApp and XenDesktop. Due to the proprietary nature of these products, Citrix monitoring poses visibility and performance monitoring challenges to application performance management software. As the leading vendor in the APM market, Dynatrace offers a solution, Dynatrace Data Center RUM, for comprehensive app performance monitoring of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments.

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Dynatrace Data Center RUM for enterprise Citrix monitoring

Dynatrace Data Center RUM is an APM solution for enterprise applications running in the data center. It traces transaction execution from front-end web servers through all application and infrastructure tiers and identifies server and network bottlenecks. Using its Citrix Analysis Module, Dynatrace Data Center RUM provides end-to-end visibility for Citrix monitoring in XenApp and XenDesktop environments. It identifies the origin and destination of ICA traffic, which applications are contending for network bandwidth, and the number of users impacted by each performance issue. ICA Channel usage can also be drilled down into traffic type for each user (for example, video, audio, or application type).

Citrix monitoring by Dynatrace Data Center RUM using Application Analysis Modules can monitor backend transaction performance associating each transaction with each user uniquely by name. With captured performance data, Dynatrace Data Center RUM can perform detailed multi-tier analytics and present application performance monitor reports through a single lens. Reports include network round-trip time, network throughput experienced by end-users, and bandwidth usage per location per application.

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Benefits of using Dynatrace Data Center RUM for Citrix monitoring

With its comprehensive capabilities as an APM solution and application management service for Citrix environments, Dynatrace Data Center RUM offers many benefits for Citrix monitoring including:

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