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Node.js is one of the most popular JavaScript runtimes today and is used widely for running mission-critical applications. It's asynchronous event-driven design enables it to process a high number of concurrent connections. This concurrency makes Node.js popular for high traffic Web applications written in JavaScript. To ensure that JavaScript applications perform adequately, Node.js monitoring can be carried out to measure Node.js performance. Monitored performance data can reveal performance hotspots along the application delivery chain of which Node.js is part of.

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Use Dynatrace to optimize Node.js performance

Tools and solutions for Node.js performance monitoring are available in the market. Most of these tools, however, perform monitoring of Node.js alone and do not cover other components in the application delivery chain. This limited scope is also typically true for tools addressing other new technologies, such as Docker performance monitoring tools.

By contrast, Dynatrace offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring Node.js and other leading edge technologies. It monitors Node.js performance in conjunction with the performance of other components that process application transactions such as NGINX performance (when NGINX is the Web server used to forward requests to Node.js). Dynatrace uses its patented PurePath Technology® to provide end-to-end monitoring of Node.js performance in application transactions spanning from user interactions to Web and application tiers, and to the infrastructure tier. Insight is provided into Web server processing, application code execution, and database calls down to the code level and database query statement level.

Dynatrace network performance tools provide monitoring of network elements in the data center enabling insight into the contribution of network performance to Node.js performance. Using Dynatrace, full end-to-end insight is provided for Node.js application transactions. Performance issues can be quickly discovered and remedied thereby improving the performance of Node.js applications.

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Gain competitive advantage from peak Node.js performance

Dynatrace delivers comprehensive monitoring of newer technologies like Node.js while also meeting established application monitoring needs like PHP application monitoring and virtualization monitoring. Other monitoring solutions provide isolated snapshots of individual components and do not provide full end-to-end insight across application tiers and transactions. They provide intermittent snapshots of Node.js performance by sampling data, while Dynatrace performs continuous Node.js monitoring that allows entire transactions to be replayed and performance spikes to be seen easily.

Continuous monitoring also allows Dynatrace to perform real user monitoring by capturing each user's entire visit, not just individual actions. By doing so, the context for each visit and the relationships between actions taken by each user are known and can be used as information for issue triage. With Dynatrace's comprehensive support for Node.js performance monitoring, organizations easily gain competitive advantage over their peers who use more limited monitoring solutions.

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