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Node.js’s scalability and JavaScript’s wide adoption have accelerated the popularity of Node.js. Many high traffic websites are now using Node.js due to its ability to service concurrent requests from large numbers of users. Also, the expanding functionality provided by core modules and large open-source libraries for Node.js have made it very attractive to developers. The popularity of Node.js makes Node.js monitoring an important practice. Dynatrace is the leading provider of solutions for monitoring Node.js performance.

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node.js monitoring

Benefits of Dynatrace Node.js monitoring

Dynatrace is a leading provider of application performance monitoring (APM) solutions. In addition to Java and PHP application monitoring, Dynatrace also supports Node.js monitoring yielding many benefits including:

Combine Node.js monitoring with data center monitoring from Dynatrace

Dynatrace’s market-leading APM application provides support for monitoring infrastructure tiers and services in the data center including Web servers and network components (which aids network performance management). Web server monitoring such as Nginx monitoring and network monitoring are performed in the context of application transactions, similar to Node.js monitoring. By monitoring Node.js applications and the network they use, Dynatrace provides a correlated view of the contribution of network performance to application performance and the resulting impact on user experience.

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