Redis monitoring

Monitor your Redis server performance

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Database autodetection

All the Redis metrics you need

Dynatrace monitors the top Redis metrics, including response time, memory fragmentation, cache hit ratio, cache usage, number of connections, hits, misses, and more. See the full list of Redis metrics.

Database usage visualization

Out-of-the-box monitoring

No configuration required. Just turn on Redis monitoring and set a password. Dynatrace automatically detects your Redis servers on all monitored hosts.

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Find slow requests

We track the number of slow Redis requests and help you optimize your Redis server performance.

Optimize Redis performance with specific metrics

Dynatrace Redis monitoring provides insights into your distributed memory-object caching system, delivering all the metrics you need to see:

  • Response time
  • Memory fragmentation
  • Cache hit ratio
  • ...and more

See the full list of Redis performance metrics. System performance metrics (CPU, memory, and more) are available on the System performance tab.

Redis overview

Find slow requests

Dynatrace tracks the queries in your Redis Slow Log—those queries that have exceeded their specified execution times—enabling you to control and optimize your Redis requests.

See all slow Redis requests

Monitor multiple Redis instances on a single host

Dynatrace automatically discovers your Redis topology. Each Redis instance is viewed as a separate process. With this approach, you get detailed information about each Redis server. Because Redis is single-threaded, and individual Redis instances can only use a single CPU core, it's recommended that you run multiple Redis instances.

Monitor multiple Redis instances on a single host


“If something isn’t the way it is supposed to be, our DevOps Engineers have the full picture within one tool. We get to the root cause quicker and only involve team members that are needed for fixing.”

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What is Redis?

“Redis” means REmote DIctionary Server. Redis is a data structure server that is open-source, networked, in-memory, and capable of storing keys with optional durability. According to the monthly ranking by, Redis is the most popular key-value database. Redis was ranked the #1 NoSQL database (and #4 database) in User Satisfaction and Market Presence based on user reviews, the most popular NoSQL database in containers, and the #1 NoSQL database among Top 50 Developer Tools & Services.