Docker monitoring

Monitor containerized applications in dynamic Docker environments—out of the box

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Docker monitoring screenshot
Docker monitoring screenshot

Understand the performance of Dockerized applications

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Integrates seamlessly with no configuration

Monitoring with Dynatrace is easy, as it should be. Dynatrace monitors your containerized applications without touching your images or modifying your run commands. Dynatrace automatically detects the creation of new containers and monitors the applications and services contained within them.

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Ready for microservices and micro-deployments

Dynatrace is designed to deal with highly dynamic infrastructure where containers come and go frequently. By monitoring your containers with Dynatrace you’re all set for the monitoring of microservices and the associated micro-deployments, which are commonly delivered via Docker containers.

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Scales with your elastic environment

Docker monitoring with Dynatrace is easy, as it should be. Dynatrace automatically scales with your environment by discovering and monitoring new containers. Track deployments of your Dockerized microservices and monitor distributed applications across your network of hosts or cloud instances.

“Dynatrace automatically detects new Docker containers and Amazon EC2 instances with no additional configuration. This makes Dynatrace a perfect fit for our needs.”

“I was thrilled by Dynatrace supporting AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Docker.”

Validate architecture of communicating microservices

Dynatrace automatically discovers all microservices running in your Docker environment. You immediately see a real-time view of all the connections between your containerized processes, across your hosts and cloud instances. Gain deep insights into your dynamic deployment environment and make sure everything is working as designed.

Architecture of deployed microservices in Docker

Track performance of applications and microservices isolated within containers

Dynatrace is ideally suited for new microservice architectures, which are often backed by Docker environments. Application-centric monitoring of services running within containers is key to understanding and validating application functionality. Dig into performance hotspots within your containerized applications and databases.

Outline service response times and requests

Dynatrace is a G2 Leader in Container monitoring

Dynatrace has been named a Leader based on receiving a high customer Satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence. Dynatrace has the largest Market Presence and received the highest Satisfaction score among products in Container monitoring.

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G2 leader

With Dynatrace Docker log monitoring, you don’t need to know on which container images a process group runs on. There’s no need to know the container names, IDs, or even the names of the hosts where the images are running. As long as the log data still exists in Docker’s host logging-driver history, you can find the data with the Log viewer.

Each log entry includes information about the corresponding container image and ID that logged the message and the type of output that was used. You can use this information for query filtering and thereby focus your analysis only on relevant containers and images.

  • See all log messages associated with a specific application as a single virtual log file.
  • Navigate from a problem details page directly to the log files of the application’s supporting processes.
  • Save the burden of setting up expensive storage solutions for your log data.
An overview of Docker processes
Docker Log files tab
Docker container logs

Capacity planning for your services’ load

Track available infrastructure resources for planning and validating of container provisioning. Understand your services’ load and improve container deployments for optimal real-user experience.

Verify available resources

Optimize container orchestration and clustering

Ensure proper orchestration of containers in your private datacenter or cloud environment. Dynatrace automatically discovers any new containers deployed by orchestration tools, including Apache Mesos and Swarm.
See how services in newly deployed containers integrate with your existing load-balanced environment.

Supported cluster management tools out of the box

Install Dynatrace on Docker hosts—that’s all there is to it!

If you run your applications in AWS Elastic Beanstalk, make use of our simple install script. If you run your Docker cluster in Amazon EC2 Container Service, make use of our simple ECS monitoring guide. No need to modify your Docker images or run extra containers. Dynatrace automatically takes care of monitoring your Docker containers.

We are Docker certified

Dynatrace is a certified Docker partner, providing you with unprecedented insights into your Dockerized environment, so you always know what's going on under the hood.

Docker Certified Docker Technology Partner

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